Reaction is about allowing conditions control you.

Response is about intelligently handling a situation to meet the beneficial needs of all those involved.

Reacting is stimulated by Ego and while your ego may seem to have your best interests at heart, it’s nature is selfish, self serving, nasty and greedy, but knowing this, is nature’s way of balancing your better self which can only be recognized through your acknowledgment of Ego.  Energy blockages birth the arrogance of Ego

Response is your highest level of consciousness, it is a heightened level of awareness, stemming from the soul’s understanding of compassion.  It’s an awareness of others only enabled through a true and honest awareness of one’s self.  Response is the truest reflection of who you are, seen through your actions towards others.  Flow originates from an established humble, self respect and is reflected in our Response.

Flow is nature’s way, it takes time and it utilizes the skill of listening.  Listening enhances our ability to naturally nourish our life with how we respectfully interact with others, it soothes the Ego with experience, teaching the Ego that Response is the key to growth, while Reacting only stifles growth.

The Tai Chi Method influences and impacts our lives in so many ways.

It is a practice that should be implemented into every aspect of your life, because it instills the need for achieving balance.

Don’t confuse Balance with existing in a constant state.

Balance is about the innate ability of us all to always go with the flow, because we are always listening to learn how to make adjustments.

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