My night before is when my morning begins.

I think about what I want to fuel my body with when I wake up and on the weekdays I always prefer to have a random healthy bites of easy eats.

Tomorrow I know I’ll wake up craving a soft boiled egg, I crave this every morning and I also crave about 2-3 of them after I workout too.  I always soft boil 2 dozen eggs every Sunday evening, it’s like a ritual for me and makes me feel “together” about my week.

I always follow my egg with a warm non-dairy milk I make from scratch and this week it is my simple jasmine/bee pollen/raw honey non-gmo soy milk.  This gives me minerals, antioxidants and allergy neutralizing immune system boost for the day.  About 45 minutes later I have my Wild Blueberry Oatmeal blend with a heaping spoon of Black Sesame Nut Butter which I also blend from scratch.

This is my morning fuel and if you notice, I don’t sit and eat it all at once, I space my food out according to what my body asks for.

I write, fill orders, run lines for auditions and then hit the gym.

Following the gym I replenish with a few eggs and a cup of Bone Broth.  This weeks Bone Broth is Wild Tukey!!!

I enjoy keeping my dietary needs very simple during the week and I’ll probably pick up some fish from the grocery on my way home from work and make my favorite ginger scallion steamed fish.

Going over this structure the night before always helps me look forward to the fresh start of a new day.

Don’t forget to also do a review of the kind of workout you’re gonna confuse your body with too!!!

How you spend the night before is so important for how you start fresh the next morning.

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