When reading labels, there is the art of seductive language and packaging.

The seductive language that has been created for this food revolution is the abuse of very healthy food names on processed food.  Here’s a simple rule to follow, if it doesn’t resemble the food’s original form, it is a processed food, no matter how many “healthy ingredients” the packaging boasts, processing is processing.  Quinoa isn’t a “puff” or a “chip”, by the time it goes through all of that processing, it is actually just a “puff” or just the “chip”, most, if not all the nutritional value of the advertised “healthy ingredient” is gone.

Be careful of labeling that says “made with natural ingredients” or “made with organic ingredients”.  If you really read the labels,you will find there are unnatural ingredients included and inorganic additives added.

Food is either natural, or it’s not.  Food is either organic, or it’s not.

Be careful of that word “with” its a sneaky way of just advertising the good without telling you about the bad.

The rule I stick by, the only processing that happens is in my kitchen, by me.

I buy Organic Whole Food ingredients, this way I know exactly what I am creating my body’s health with.

Food is what you buy that needs to be processed in your home, by you.  Nourishing isn’t only about what you sit and eat.  It’s organic process is about how you pick your ingredients and how you choose to make them which should also be indicated by your body’s natural cravings.

Don’t confuse cravings with addictions…

Processed foods cause addictive cravings.

Eating organic stimulates healthy cravings.

If you are looking to embark on your healthy journey, take baby steps, just start by eliminating one processed food and replacing it with actual food.

The easiest place to start is by eliminating sugary drinks and just drinking water!

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