Have the Millennials affected us, or is this just a period of an affected generation on generations, of which, our parents’ generation are immune too, but anyone “younger” than our parents risk infection from?

This is a period of the overly-conscious, unconscious. So much so, that people who are not really that conscious, know enough of the right things to appear conscious, but if you really listen closely, look closely and peel back the very simple single layer they blanket themselves with, you realize, they are like so many of this generation who vie to say the right thing, the popular thing, just to say something to be acknowledged, with the inner desire to be “known”.  Known for what? I don’t think many really care, they just want to fit in where they think they look popular and imitate what they interpret to be cool.  You see people copying on social media, rather than just being themselves.  You hear people on social media wanting to draw attention to themselves, for themselves, about themselves, thinking that they will discover themselves through the desire of becoming popular because of everyone else.

So many people want to have a voice, but I don’t hear much of anything unique, it always sounds like someone trying to sound like someone else, be like someone else, look like someone else, down to how they try and just copy Instagram Pages, it’s weird and eerie and I think, they think, they come off mysterious.

To be mysterious isn’t about the trying, or masquerading of odd personal tidbits, people try to use to formulate this “greater” being they are trying to sound like, look like.  It’s often times a bit embarrassing to see and uncomfortable to look at.

People want to try and inspire this idea of themselves today without having a sense of self at all.  It’s a funny thing to watch and confusing.  I always want to believe what I see the it seems that every has either become a magician or con-man.  So you have to do a lot of decoding and just expect that nowadays, what you see is not what you are going to get and that what you will end up getting is the exact opposite of what most do show from the start.

You look at social media and while everyone is trying to voice some sort of opinion, none of it is unique and you realize you are just observing everyone trying to be different by copying each other.  Nobody has a unique voice or message, but everyone feels they have a message that needs to be heard, the same way they just heard the message from someone else.

So in this generation of being conscious and aware, how conscious and aware are we if everyone ends up sounding like everyone else, because everyone else is actually just copying everyone else?

What happened to being unique?  Did it disappear with being genuine?

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