Dad and I have been talking about the brain being in action vs the mind being in action lately.  It’s always interesting to observe when students are suffering from too much “mind in action”, but this is a also a good thing, because it is also an indication of how hard they really are trying, but as with most things in life, it’s when you finally stop the need for trying when everything falls into place and finally fits right in.

The biggest confusion for the body is the mind getting to involved, because it takes that feeling out of the movement, when we walk, we don’t need to think about what we are doing, we just flow with it, but we’ve been walking from the beginning, our body’s taught us how and we were smarter then, because we listened to our bodies and kept trying and adjusting until we built the strength and coordination to finally walk on our own.

When we walk, it is not the moving leg that is propelling us forward.  It is the rooted leg that works with our hip alignment to move the free leg forward.  All movement stem from our root, without having a rooted origin, there would be no foundation for the flow of movement, with is your internal energy flow.  Walking is the most perfect example of how we energize from a rooted base, which allow our bodies the mechanism of release, in order to flow with our intended movement, which is stimulated by the brain, not the mind, because it is an action requiring zero thought, it’s a natural feeling we have learned throughout our lifetime.

The same thing with Tai Chi, it is the rooted leg from which all your movement originates from.  The problem with the learning process of most things, we want to get to our goal, without having a patience for the journey.

Tai Chi is the ultimate Learning Process and you will find it’s Principles will influence your everyday life in everything.


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