It’s no secret that the Conventional Hand Sanitizers out there are bad for your health.

They not only kill bacteria, germs and viruses that cause illnesses, they also kill the healthy bacteria on your body that work to keep you healthy and battle other airborne illnesses.  They also damage your skin and infuse your body with toxic chemicals that harm your internal health, ruining your immune system.

Destroying my Immune System to keep myself healthy never made sense to me, so I’ve been working on a product that Sanitizes my Exterior while Boosting my Immune System health too.

Don’t forget, your Skin is your body’s Largest Organ and your body’s first line of Immune System Response.

Now available to CHEN is a Unique Sanitizer that can be used from head to toe and is safe for children too!!!

Made only with Organic ingredients that nourish to create the kind of health our body’s need to stay healthy during any climate.

Immune System Enhancing Sanitizer & Moisturizer

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