The mind is the blueprint for the brain.

Between the brain and mind, dad and I have been going a little out of our minds discussing the functioning of our minds and brains in relationship to our physical body.

Tai Chi is frictionless movement. It’s movement originates from feeling, which stems from thought and a kind of awareness, internal.

Internal Awareness, I guess we call this feeling too.  Feeling.  What do you feel when you do Tai Chi?  What is Tai Chi to you? Or, are you just one of those people who watches Tai Chi and feels the flow of it and it feels beautiful?

Tai Chi is the brain in Action.  Frictionless movement where awareness replaces the use of muscle.  Awareness is just about getting there, from A to B, in one flowing motion where the brain just “speaks” to where you intend to be.  What I mean is, there is no physical dialogue with your body parts, the body parts just flow to where they need to go in one fluid movement that can only be free to flow, from an established, firm, solid, connected base.  It is from this base, freely physically flowing, with the brain as the puppeteer.  Lines of energy are the strings that keep our limbs loose, but still, connected.

Flowing movements physically express what is being felt internally.  What is being felt are your brain’s, energy lines, flowing through, connected limbs.

Its a simple reach across the table, Tai Chi, that’s all nothing more, nothing less.  Just our natural brain in natural action.

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