People like to assign blame, but sometimes it’s not about looking where to assign the blame to.

Everything is powerless with our reactions, which is why we should learn the Power of Response.

Don’t allow the climate of your environment to puppeteer it’s Reaction from you.

Train the environment of Your Mind to understand the true Quality and Strength of Your Response.

Response is you, adapting to meet the climate of the environment you are in, so that you can mindfully function within the strength of your intended Response.

When I deal with people I enjoy understanding the differences in their responses vs. their reactions.  You learn a lot.  I’ve adopted the incredible ability to have a poker face most of the time and this only feeds my intrigues when it comes to people and their truths.

I was always raised to just be who I am and that’s all.  Growing up this way, I have no idea of how else to be.  Life has been an intriguing lesson of how people for one reason or another enjoy wearing masks…

Life is complicated enough, having to masquerade, should only be done at Masquerades. After-all, even at Masquerades, its the discovery of what truly exists behind the mask to be the most fun, but the discovery of your own truth is only fun if you honestly do know are who you really are.

Who are you?

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