My whole life I always Assumed Espom Salts to be a kind of Salt and then I started CHEN-Skinhealth and learned that this wasn’t a salt, it does not contain any sodium.

Epsom Salts are actually a Magnesium/Sulfate compound.  This mineral compound is called Epsom, for the town it was discovered in, in Surrey, England.

It is important for us to replace our minerals, because our bodies cannot create minerals, we need to constantly replace what we loose.  Minerals are something we also call electrolytes.  That’s why at home sport drink recipes have you add salt to their recipes.

We can drink our minerals and we can absorb them.

I supplement my life doing both.

Cramping, joint and muscle aches are your body speaking to you, sometimes telling you, you are mineral deficient.

Make sure your daily hydration includes your minerals and if you use reverse osmosis filters, you need to alkalinize your water by adding minerals!!!

Water without minerals without like a magnet for the minerals in your body, leaving you mineral deficient.

Make sure you remineralize, its an essential part of maintaining hydration.

Our bodies can live vitamin deficient, but minerals are the key to life.

Try adding Epsom Salts and Himalayan Salts to a bath or foot soak for mineral enhancement, you will be surprised at how silky this leaves your skin feeling too.

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