My life has never shy of experiences or people.  I love the discovery of it all.  I don’t know why, but I am still shocked at how many people do parade around with this facade of who they wish people to see of themselves, without realizing the inauthenticity of how they choose to portray themselves to be the greatest truthful uncovering of who they really are to be.  Energy never lies, so when you try to cover up who you are, your mask will inevitably fall off, not because you are a bad person, just because Energy is incapable of lying, even when your mind has convinced the natural state of your brain into thinking you can fool your chosen audience.

The skill of mastery is one that I’ve had the best time observing.  Aside from dad, I have met and worked with some of the most incredible people who are Masters’ of their own skills and the one beautiful consistency I have noticed about each and every single one of these people is that they are all the most beautifully curious people to exist.

There is a childlike purity and innocence that oozes from people who have a mastery of skills and it is their drive for not just excellence, but the “right” and “better” way of feeling things that keeps them so intriguingly curious and in this constant state of wonder and discovery that is so beneficial to be around.  There’s always a lesson from everything and that is the constant positive in life.

Mastery is the most honest lifestyle. It’s a beautiful state of constant rediscovery and the joy of learning to learn through the eyes of others and how it all influences your learning process.  It is an enthusiasm that makes the state of presence the best place to be in and it ia an Energy that is always in an Energized and Reenergized state.

There’s something so refreshing about being around this and growing up around this.  I never realized how spoiled I was to always have been exposed to my father’s constant state of discovery, wonder and rediscovery.  It’s an existence where boundaries do not exist and visions go beyond the horizon.

Masters of skill have always been like forever children to me.  Nonjudgemental, accepting and infinitely curious.  Infectious Positivity.

The problem is when I encounter people with the desire of achieving loftier titles, by attempting to maneuver through the achievement of lofty sounding goals.  This happens a lot.  People who want to try and create who they want the world to see of them.  People who want the recognition of the title, over the recognition of the journey.  It’s an incongruent approach, because there isn’t anything more imbalanced than trying to create yourself, because of how you want other to see you.


We are all Masters at something, but its about learning who your inner child is and letting that guide you.

Mastery is ability to live in a permanently childlike state of self discovery.

It’s that baby who laughs in such joyous discovery of all the things they discover from the first time they learn how to clap their hands together.

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