Presence, what on earth is this?

I’ve heard it thrown around my whole life and always wondered what on earth people were talking about when they would mention this.  It was also the different types of people I would encounter that would mention this thing called “Presence”, the artsy type, the trendy type, the hippie type and now, the hipster type.  All different kinds of people, but somehow, the same in this way, cause whenever “Presence” was mentioned by any of them it always seemed to be accompanied by the same “feeling” and the “feeling” was always referencing something that felt a kind of good.

Presence, what is it to you?  Do you practice it?  Do you like it?  Do you know it?

Presence, has always been about the goodness of what it feels like to be in the moment.  Regardless of what is happening or going on, “Presence” has always been about the goodness of being able to really exist in the moments I am living in.  So much of life is wasted when we can’t live in our present state.  It’s almost as though we have been trained to worry about yesterday and tomorrow, taking away entirely from who we are and all we have which exists only “In The Now”, in our “Present State”.

All kinds of art bring us into our our “present state”, which is why the life category of art and the arts are timeless and forever.  What does art do?  It makes us feel, that is the magic of  it, it brings us into our present state.

Modern Society has managed to un-program our organic abilities to exist in our healthy state of “presence”, pulling us too deep into our minds, reprogramming our brains to worry about the nothing we can do about yesterday, compounded by the fears of a tomorrow that haven’t even happened yet.  We constantly sabotage our “Present State” by soiling it with thoughts about the past and worries about the future, instead of just allowing ourselves to just be.

The only time we really do exist in is in the present, right now, so why do we waste so much of this time in modern society caught up in spaces of time that only ruin our present time?

Tai Chi is also the art of Practiced Presence, because Tai Chi is all about how you feel.

I always remind people that physical movements of Tai Chi are simply a reflection of what it is you are feeling internally.

Tai Chi Chuan has nothing to do with slow movements, Tai Chi Chuan is about Internal Energy Flow and that is how we are in our Organic State, we are Energy Flowing.  When we do not feel our Organic State of Energy Flow, this is when we are pulled out of our Present and trapped in the state of our mind’s ability to distract from what we are feeling, turning our Energy Flow, into Energy Blockages.

Energy Blockages are a symptom of Modern Life where the overuses and abuse of Social Media, Marketing pull us out of who we are, into thoughts of who we think we need to be.

It’s when we get tricked into believing that we need to be something else, that we get pulled out of our Present State.

Nature made you Unique, that is your Super Power.  It simply takes the State of Presence to discover everything you are.  Feeling is your unique language with you.  Nobody knows this language but you and only you know how good it feels to be you.

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