Table Salt has been heat treated with anti-clumping agents, so the variety of minerals salt is usually made up of now gets reduced down to 2 minerals that are also heat compromised.  Aside from Table Salt now having been heat compromised, the chemicals of anti-clomping agents have also been added.  This is why Table Salt causes HEALTH PROBLEMS, it is no longer a real food, it is processed food.

Now, Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt.

I’m always an advocate of using all different varieties of everything, but an article I read about pollution of the oceans, especially with plastic particles that look like salt, have me sticking to the Himalayan kinds now.

A favorite variety I enjoy is Black Himalayan Salt, because it contains natural carbon, which absorbs toxins.  So, I not only use it on my food, I also use it when I soak grains before cooking!

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