Balance is the driving force of Nature. Achieving balance, happens constantly and is your body’s “work”.  Our body’s enjoy working and nature has programmed us to acquire nutrients, so that we can always work with the timing of our body’s natural needs.  It is against nature to rush and to horde.

Growing up I also noticed how dad keeps thing simple.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, when it’s broke, just do what you need to do to make it healthy again.  Being healthy was about listening to his body and keeping in time with the environment we are in.  Most importantly, being mindful about the environment we maintain in our own bodies.

The environment of our bodies includes both our physical and mental health.

Our health is a result of how “healthy” we choose to live and healthy choices are far less complicated than the marketing of the “health industry” would like you to believe.

Health doesn’t come as a vitamin and it isn’t sold in a shake.  Health comes from how well you educate yourself and your body, by how you choose to nourish your thirsty needs.

For those of you trying to achieve healthier diets, beyond listening to a new diet, detox or fad, you need to just read an honest book about foods, actually, you’re better off getting a cook book, because healthier diets begin with how well you know your foods that you prepare in your own kitchen.

Ditch the microwave and instant meals, because part of what you eat is also about the thought and preparation that you put into your meal, before it ended up on your plate.

Buy Organic, Free Range, Local, Grass Fed and Pasteur Raised.  Do the processing in your kitchen.

You don’t need to buy a juicer and do a silly cleanse.  You don’t need to order your meals. You don’t need to spend any money on things that are selling you dreamy ideas, over nutrition.

True health and balance doesn’t come from fads, diets and cleanses.  True health and balance only comes from knowing your food, preparing your food and eating your food.

Calories, Fat, Carbs are nutrients, if you are not consuming some version of these three, you are not eating food.  Without eating food, you will never loose weight and you will always be hungry.

Those silly diet schemes about just eating foods that fill your belly mean nothing.  They might satisfy the initial feeling of hunger, but if you aren’t providing your body with it’s daily requirement of Fats, Calories and Carbs you are not giving your body the actual nutrition it needs to maintain its healthy balance.

Without Fat, Calories and Carbs you are not getting Vitamins, Minerals or Protein.

Hunger isn’t about the body just wanting to feel “full”.  Hunger is the body asking for NUTRIENTS so that You can Function Mentally and Physically.

Here’s what you should be eliminating, ALL Processed Foods!!!

If it’s not Water, anything that is Fat Free or Calorie Free is just another way of saying, “Toxic Chemical Shit Storm”.

Going back to Natural ways is the only way to Restore your Body’s Naturally, Healthy Nature.

The same way Tai Chi’s Organically Physical Nourishment restores your Physically health’s state.

Organic nutrition restores your internal health’s state.

Just keep it simple.  The basics are where you find all the answers hidden in.


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