Presence, I’ve heard people talk about this and it’s always something that seems to be this coveted “magic” sense of self that nobody has, unless you’re born with it.

Hate to bust your bubble, but, we are all born with Presence and it is something that comes from your sense of self awareness.  So, who are you?  What are you?  What do you feel like when you feel good?

Feeling Good is the ultimate state of Presence, it’s that Good Feeling that is another mood of your Present State and everybody loves to Feel Good.

I study body language and I constantly study people in relation to their body language.

It’s an interesting thing to observe the personality types that walk through our door.

Many, initially, are outwardly very arrogant, looking to study with this “Great Grandmaster”, you can see the sense of pride they have, not in their journey, but it’s this other essence, birthed from am area of insecurity and search for their own Presence.  Because, no matter how many books they have read, or the degrees they’ve earned, or the travels they have traveled, they are still searching for themselves and their journeys have still not yet satisfied their thirst for who they want to be, because they for some reason aren’t satisfied with who they are.  It’s as though the world wide recognition my father has humbly earned through the years is the one of the things they covet so dearly and following this master’s path is perhaps the answers to their search.  What I end up discovering about these people is that they are not nearly as arrogant as they show-off, they are actually just searching for some kind of acceptance and recognition of self that they really do end up finding with us.

There are also the many people who come in, just eager to learn.  Innocent and wide eyed, our new children.  They add their own special essence and warmth to what learning is about and our school’s idea of family.

So many people look at Tai Chi and love the way the movements make them feel.  The focus is mostly on the external body movements, but what most don’t realize they are sensing is the actual energy coming from the people they are watching.  Anything that makes you feel is the language of energy and what is only spoken energy to energy. Energy never lies.

Those wonderful flowing movements you feel so much from have nothing to do with the arms and graceful hands… All of this you are feeling comes from the FEET.

Without the ability to physically release and sink into our base, there is no mechanism for Internal Energy Flow, or what I also like to call Practiced Presence.  The movements you watch the body express are only a physical expression of your Internal Energy Flow. Don’t let your eyes fool what you feel.  Anything triggering feeling stems from a place much deeper than anything on the surface can convey.

Tai Chi is the art of Practicing Presence.

What is this thing called Presence?  It’s the ability to live in actual time, to feel where you are at, because you have no fear of yesterday or tomorrow.  It’s existing Mind/Body/Soul, in the same place and in the same time.  It’s you in sync with you.  It’s when you have achieved a sense of self where you exercise the Power of Response over the ability to React.

Presence begins with how you sense yourself.  How you develop your sense of self is ultimately translated into your physical self, which is what Presence is when people notice you walk into a room.

Where does the Physical form of Presence come from?  Your FEET!

Finally achieving the ability to become Physically Grounded, that “Solid” feeling is where all awareness, sense of self and Presence comes from.  It is a subtle coordination of the equation of Mind/Body/Soul that Tai Chi is the ultimate programmer for.  It’s just you getting to know you best and your personal best is always shifting, growing and adapting to be more and more of the everything you are.

Just another reason why Tai Chi is the ultimate Martial Art… Without the ability to exist in the comfort of your own Presence, how on earth are you going to be able to Respond appropriately to your opponents actions?

Response is the Ultimate Power of Presence.

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