So many people waltz in and out of lives.  Their lives, our lives, your life, my life.  So many people and only very few, ever do stay.

My father always reminds me, “Most of those people who act like your friends only want something, it’s not the way you think though, they aren’t looking for your friendship”.  If dad had a dollar for every time he still tells me this, he could close the school and travel the world on a private jet.

Although I am my father’s daughter there are still some lessons I still just need to learn my way, but I do see and observe my father’s way of moving through life and I’ve learned that while not everyone is really ever a friend, they are all my teachers and I respect them for the lessons they teach me about my life and my reality vs. the reality of the world and the kinds of people I live amongst.

The Art of Gratitude, is something I have witnessed my whole entire life.  I’ve witnessed it in the simplest of ways and in the grandest and of course it was mostly because of people showing such gratitude for what they feel my father has given them.  It’s such a unique experience to grow up in and I didn’t realize the stunning Artistry of Gratitude until I got older and truly experienced from the pain of my own gut, how disingenuous people are really comfortable being.

People often say one thing and act their same way, meaning only what they say to be very linear, perhaps they do mean what they say from the heart, but most hearts are quite shallow, perhaps they only mean what they say in a moment and the next moment they just can’t be bothered with the moment they were in with you the moment before.

People are just people.  They way I am just one of those people.  But I am my own person molded by own experiences and my own idea of love.  My own idea of happiness.  My own idea of gratitude and sometimes I feel this is all a fault of my own, because I never cared to be like anyone else, because I love how being my father’s daughter has made the world appear to me and how I’ve felt the world, in our world, to have been to us.

So, why should I care about being any other way than what feels right, what feels beautiful, what is honest and all of everything that I really am, always, so grateful for?

I am grateful for the people who have waltzed in and waltzed out, it reinforces the depth of gratitude I have for just wearing one face, not two.

I am grateful for the people who reinforce my father’s advice, that not everyone who pretends to get to know you, wants your actual friendship.

I am grateful for the people who have taught me how wrong it is to be untrue and dishonest.

I am grateful for my father who always, still keeps a watchful eye on me.

I am grateful for my friends who are grateful for having my friendship.

One of my dearest girlfriends took me to dinner tonight to celebrate her good fortune and expressed gratitude for something did for her, which I just felt was my responsibility to her, to myself and to how I was raised as a genuine person.

So many people won’t be there for you and worse, make you feel bad for needing them when you really need someone, but I have rarely ever had anyone express such heartfelt gratitude like I felt tonight.  I do what I do and I go out of my for everyone I love and I never expect or want anything in return, but when someone takes you to dinner and acknowledges what your kindness meant to them, it even makes all the people who do kinda suck worth the experiences…

Here’s why…

What my dear friend thanked me for was something I really felt there should be no thanks felt for because what you do for people you love is not about all the laughs and fun times, it’s about how you handle the trying times, its how you stick through the rough stuff, that’s real friendship.  It made me feel so good to be able to want to help the way I know how.  It made me feel good to have a friend who knew she could trust me when she was vulnerable.  It made me proud of where I come from and how I have been raised that no matter what ungrateful experiences I have had, that they haven’t ruined my ability to be sincerely genuine.

For all those fair weather people out there, I hope one day you truly learn The Art of Gratitude.  It will bring you the absence you are seeking.  It will bring you the happiness you crave and make you realize the attention you have been vying for is all wrong.

The Art of Gratitude is a skill of purity that everyone is capable of, but few are generous enough to actually practice.

I think this is also why our school is such a happy place.  The fair weather people leave almost as soon as they come.  The Real People are the ones who actually stay.

Real is Rare, that it why a diamond is so precious.


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