Processed Foods contain Preservatives and Parabens.

Skincare is another kind of Processed Food, which is why Conventional Skincare uses Parabens, so that the Skinfood Ingredients they mix with Fillers, Perfumes and additives do not “spoil”.

Did you ever wonder what exactly Preservatives and Parabens do to products?  They don’t preserve them at all, what Parabens and Preservatives do is actually HALT(Kill) the actual Organic Life Process of the the Life Source they are added to.

There is no such thing as an Old Cell.  Our cells are constantly renewing and the process by which they renew is called their Life Cycles.  It takes 28 days for our skin to fully renew itself.  We are not just sitting in the same skin for our whole life, there is no need to “Preserve” anything.  What we need to do is nourish the Life Cycles of our Body’s Cells.  The Healthy quality of our cells depends solely on the nutrition we give to our bodies.

Parabens and Preservatives work by Preventing Rotting.  Rotting is part of the natural Life Cycle of ALL Living things.  Preventing Rotting means Stopping the Life Cycle, killing.  Without a Life Cycle, no matter how something appears to be “Ageless”, means that the product you are are using, or the food you are eating is DEAD.  Think mummified, or pickled, because that is exactly what Parabens and Preservatives do.  They prevent Rotting, which means they kill the Organic Properties of your Food and Products.

The only way to nourish your body are with the Organic Properties of your Foods and Products. The Organic Properties of your Food is what we also call Nutrition.  Nutrition is the Life Force of a Life Source.  You cannot live without Nourishment.  Without proper Nourishment you cause your body to AGE.

Parabens and Preservatives Kill the Organic Properties of your Nutrition.  Killing the Organic Properties does not allow your Nutrition to complete it’s Life Cycle by Rotting, which means your Nutrition, even though it doesn’t ROT, is dead and of no nutritional value.  Not only does your Nutritional Product serve ZERO Healthy Means, it is also Toxic because of the Parabens and Preservative that have Killed its Nutritional Value and these Toxins are now in your body.

If Parabens and Preservatives kill the Life Cycle of the Organic Nutrition you put into your body, what do you think the Parabens and Preservatives are doing to the Life Cycle of your Organic Body?

Illness and Allergies are health symptoms we are programmed into thinking are caused by various external factors, we don’t stop and think about what we are doing to our health on a cellular level when we aren’t conscious of eliminating Preservatives and Parabens.

Parabens and Preservatives, once in our bodies are doing the exact same things to our body’s cells, that they do to the products and foods they are added to.  They literally are trying to kill us, by halting the Organic Life Processes of our cells.  We are nothing but a Life Force in a Life Source, just the same as the Organic Nourishment we need.  This is the birthing place of so many of our actual health problems.


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