Growing up American Chinese I always understood the difference between Western and Eastern foods and Medicine.

Mom always made sure we knew the herbalist was the doctor we saw first and if the herbalist said they couldn’t help, that was when we went to our Western Doctor.

Brushing our teeth, with toothpaste is one American ideal that we did from the beginning, but as I got older I didn’t really feel that great about conventional brushing with toothpaste and after I became educated about Fluoride, I felt even less great about it.  There are all kinds of brushing alternatives, but, because of my Skin biz CHEN-Skinhealth I was especially drawn to Oil Pulling.  My knowledge of Oils and their magic was something I was so excited to enhance my health with in this manner.  It’s also easy to do and convenient.  You just need Organic Cold Pressed Oil, here’s a twist I like to add, Essential Oils.

My latest experiment actually happened because of laziness.  When I Pull, I do so for 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.  It’s not even like I have to sit still, I move around, either getting my morning started or I’m winding down, preparing for the next day.

I’ve been running around a lot and on one of my trips I forgot my Oil for Pulling and ended up using toothpaste.  I continued to brush with toothpaste when I returned home and this went on for most of the summer, then I noticed my teeth looking kind of dull and that I had some darkness at the gum line of certain teeth.  This never happens when I Oil Pull, actually, I notice my gums feel energized and when I bite down my teeth “feel” good in the roots.  So, I went back to Oil Pulling.

Two weeks in I decided to scrape at the gum line where there was darkness and the dark part along with some other kind of tartar and/or plaque build up literally fell out of my gum line in this little chunk of yuck.  Then some blood followed, so I decided to gently scrape at the other dark gum lines and the same thing happened.  I brushed just with a toothbrush to remove any other debris, rinsed and took a look at my gums now, pink and healthy.  No more dark lines at the gum line.  I looked like I just had a cleaning at the dentist, it’s absolutely amazing what going all natural actually does for your body’s health.

Toothpaste, as I’ve also discovered in the past seems to cause our dental problems, the same way meds cause our health problems and Skincare causes our Skin Conditions.

Fluoride doesn’t strengthen bones, it breaks down your body’s health.

The other positive to Oil Pulling, clearer skin and a more defined jaw line.

For those of you who have trouble sleeping or with anxiety, try adding Clary Sage to your Pullin Oil!!!

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