Tai Chi is the art of Practiced Presence.  This is simple, but not so simple if you’re too scattered inside to know and feel who you are.  We are all works in progress, but if your state of progress is hindered by internal turmoil it will reflect in your physical state, from how you stand to how you either naturally cower or over compensate, mimicking the look of a Rooster, standing tall and proud, but you are really feeling like a chicken inside.  There’s something about this Internal Thing, This Energy Thing, it never lies, no matter what you try and show on the surface, what you feel always speaks the truth, Energy just can’t lie.

Remember this the next time you might make a fool of yourself, trying to make a fool of someone else.  The fool you are trying to fool is no fool, only a fool would think they could make a fool out of anyone else… Besides, why play a fool, trying to make a fool?  If you truly make a fool of someone, you took advantage of someone by playing your upper hand, this just makes you more foolish than the fool you thought of making out of someone else.  If you didn’t fool your target, you just showed how much a fool you really are.  There is nothing to gain in the game of fools.

Presence is accomplished when you have achieved comfort in your feeling state, your state of flow.  Physically it is when you move rooted to your foundation, which means your physical body is able to relax into itself.  This is you trusting you and this is how I’ve watched my father and many of his Tai Chi brothers float around, because when you are rooted, you float.

Presence is not the same as Attention…

Attention is a outwardly physically aggressive way of causing a distraction for the purpose of getting noticed.

Presence is an internal state that people feel from you when you enter a room, its a kind of respect.

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