So often I get asked about how Tai Chi is fighting.

It’s as though fighting is this categorically singular ability, that is magically born out of “toughness”.  I see this kind of definition of fighting in the eyes of the person who asks me about Tai Chi’s relationship to fighting, it is because they don’t see the relationship, they see Tai Chi or they see Fighting.

Tai Chi is often times judged from the perspective of laymen eyes, as are most things in life.  However, it is interesting to see what artists and athletes see in Tai Chi and the magic of Tai Chi is that it does relate to everything in life.  It is the most full spectrum sport and art I have ever encountered and it’s excellence is only magnified by my father’s manner of teaching.

So many of us look, but so few of us can actually feel.  I think this is what makes the arts so precious and so treasured, cause without the ability to tap into your ability to feel life is meaningless and empty.  Tai Chi is all about feeling and if you don’t understand your own ability to feel you are missing out on all that your life has to offer you.

Tai Chi is the physical expression of what you are feeling internally.  Simply put, this is why beginners often times look “confused” when they start and then as the evolution of their process starts to take shape you literally can see your student “getting it”.

The body is an amazing machine.  We have so many different parts of us.  We are physical and mystical.  When we manage to combine the physical with an understanding of our mystical, this is what Tai Chi is all about.  Tai Chi is unique in that it really does train you to see what the eye can’t, so that you perfect what the eye can.

Your breath, this is what Tai Chi flow is all about.  Your movement, guided by your breath.  Breath is what we train in all sports, arts and in life.  It is our breath that is the indicator for so much and when we read people one of the things you may not notice you are interpreting is also their breath.  A person’s breath indicates everything about them and its the one thing you can’t hide, but you can train breath and that is what we do as athletes.  This is what we do as fighters.

You don’t put the Tai Chi into the fighting, because Tai Chi is a skill necessary to know how to fight.  You don’t need to know Tai Chi specifically, but Tai Chi is in everything if you know how to recognize it.

Tai Chi is the technique behind the skills.  The skills are all born from Tai Chi principles and fundamentals.  All sports and all art are all from the same root of passion, heart and desire for mastered skill.  This is why I love the Art of Fighting so much.

The garbage on youtube and punks picking on people are not fighting.  I’m talking about the art of fighting where two artists share their excellence of skill with us.  It’s watching the years of not just training the physical body, but how training has matured everything beneath the surface, the emotions, the energy, the endurance, the heart.  Without the understanding for the infrastructure, without the strength of the infrastructure, you have absolutely no physical ability worth harming yourself over.  Without the internal strength, there is no external skill.

This  is where Tai Chi is the ultimate skill needed for excellence in fighting.

You don’t put the Tai Chi into your fighting, Tai Chi is what you become and fighting is just a skill-set of techniques you learn to apply from your Tai Chi Principles.

Without the foundation of Principles, you aren’t a fighter and the only person you end up fighting is yourself.

Being a fighter has nothing to do with your opponent, being a fighter is the truth you train to become.

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