This all begins with an invitation to Easter Estate and who can say “NO” to a weekend getaway at a Holistic Spa, especially when I can bring my girlfriends too?!?!

Eastover Estate is a new Holistic Spa which is set on 600 Acres of absolutely stunning Massachusetts’ landscape.  The owner’s vision was spurred by a need to preserve the land and property to protect nature and preserve the natural history of the estate.

This place is going to be the next big thing.

The have the infrastructure to have a Retreat Mecca for those who love living enhanced lifestyles and they are looking to provide everything from accommodations to all of your meals with continual education in Wellness and Fitness on a property that offers nature’s richest of beauties and hiking trails that offer endless physical nourishment, feeding the eye, nose, ears and lungs constantly.  You can find more hills, you can find less hills and at this time of year, because of the naturally rich and unique quality of the soil from this untainted treasure in America, they have an abundance of mushrooms, Reishi being one of them.

They have a garden and our meals included regular harvests from their property.

I though I saw a greenhouse, this was actual their own onsite sewage treatment center, they use absolutely NO chemicals and they recycle every last drop of water.  They do not spray pesticides.  Everything is about as pure as you can get out here.

They offer interesting lodging options, you can request to share a room with a stranger for reduced cost and enhanced person to person experiences.  They have everything from luxurious to humble and camping.

This invitation turned into quite the Chen experience.

Mom drove part way up, I took over for the rest of the drive up and then, the whole drive home.

Upon my take over at the wheel things ran smoothly until I had to go to the bathroom.  We stop at a gas station.  My parents have this car they got, after I had a hybrid for years, constantly rambling about the need to help our environment by making conscious purchases.  After borrowing my car for a stretch when I was traveling they got their own, but a version so fancy that I can’t even figure out how to turn it on an off, cause the last time I had a car, we still used actual car keys to start the engine.  Their’s is a keyless car and soundless, I don’t even know its on, when it’s on, which makes turning it off just as confusing.

We stop at the gas station and i just bolt out of the car, I needed to take care of business that was nobody else’s business, but it was pretty serious at this point.  One at a time, it feels as though everyone follows me in.

We get back into the car.  I never shut the engine off, so I just go into reverse, the wheel refuses to budge and I have the car tell me that it is in parking mode and is assisting me… I never asked for help.  The wheel won’t move and my father starts changing the gears while I’m at the wheel and I turn to him and say

Me:  “Dad, I’m driving, I’m at the wheel, I will change the gears”

Dad: (In a voice completely other than Master Chen) “Where’s your mother, let your mother drive”

Me: “No, we decided I’m driving cause mommy is tired, you can’t touch the gears while I’m driving and trying to figure out what’s going on right now, stop touching everything”

Dad: “Let mommy drive”

Me: “I’m almost 40 dad, I’m driving and I’m gonna figure out what’s going on, stop touching everything”

Dad: “Where’s your mother?”

Me:  “Dad, I’m handling this.  Mom, has this ever happened to you before? Dad, stop touching everything.  Mom, can you tell dad to stop and let me handle this, I’m almost 40.”

Mom: “Let me ask the guy in the gas station if he can help us”

I think mom just wanted to get out of the car, lol.  Dad gets out and they’re both standing with the gas station attendant staring at me and I have the brilliant idea to shut off the car and then restart it… Voila!!!  It worked, Tiffany did manage to somehow figure something out about this spaceship of a car.

Having developed the ability to learn from actions, situations and incidences in my life I call my mom over and say:

Me:  “Dad is sitting in the back and you are the only person who sits in the front while I am driving.

Mom: “Ok”  “William, you have to sit in the back, I’m sitting in the front with your daughter”

Dad doesn’t say anything, just happily sits in the back with company far more pleasant than I had become to him during this Father/Daughter moment.

We drive and then…

Dad: “How many more minutes till we are there?”

Me:  “I’m not sure, the GPS hasn’t given an accurate assessment of time, but I think we;re more than half way, probably 2/3rds of the way there.”

Dad: “Priscilla, can you look at the printed directions and calculate from that?”

Me: “Dad, we’ll get there when we get there, it’s not gonna change the time if mom inaccurately assess our arrival from the printed directions.  Let mom relax”

Dad: How many miles are left?

Mom: “23”

Me:  “No, that’s the time that’s left and it hasn’t changed for 45 minutes, which is why I told you that the GPS isn’t timing things accurately, let me just pay attention to driving.”

Finally, we end up in the town, where we can see how great the little shops and restaurants were, a much needed change of scenery from the trees.  An even greater and much needed distraction from my parents’ game of “Are we there yet”.


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