Time is an existed measure we all live in relation to.

It’s the measure by which everything is measured and it’s the measure that everything is judged against and we use it to assign less or more value to all things.

The longer something lasts, we assume to be the better.

The shorter something is lived always seems to imply a lesser value too.

Here’s the thing, “Time”, is nothing more than illusion in many ways.

The amount of time it takes to “know” somebody has nothing to do with years, it has to do with the experiences, experienced and the how the depth of the experiences unveil the layers behind what makes us who we are.  The problem today is that most people don’t know who they are and enjoy identifying themselves through the people they enjoy trying to be like.  When you pull back the layers on these people, with exception of children, you often find that these individuals lack a sense of self which they are hoping to replace with what you and your life seems to bring to the table.  They will mimic, your kind of busy in strange and different ways and their selfishness which has held themselves back from knowing themselves will at some point prove there to be no longevity in your relationship, because there is no foundation of an actual friendship.  All friendships require a sincere mutual respect and above all an, honesty.

Longevity has nothing to with a measure of “Time”.  Longevity is about the mileage you get out of ourself and your quality of life because of the mental clarity and physical presence, that together combined bring about your sense of self, your soul, your truth.

Longevity is about how you live your moments, timeless.  To really exist in the present and in the now, is all about your feeling state.  Your feeling state is the only place you really do exist in.  What you feel is your presence and your presence is who you know you are.  It’s a self confidence that triggers a type of humbling independence that keeps you in a constant state of wonder that is in tune with your childlike internal state of discovery.

Living only happens in the now.  Until you reach your living state, you won’t understand Longevity other than a measure of time on a clock and days on a calendar.


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