I haven’t gotten sick in over two years and surprisingly enough, this finally happened when I cut out extreme diet fads and just decided to simplify my diet.

What do I mean by simplify?  While I am an advocate of preparing all of what you eat, with the only processing happening in the comfort of your own kitchen, I am also an advocate of less processing, more eating when you are in your own kitchen.

One fad I do not do anymore is Juicing.  We all have different body types, but when I juiced and tried transitioning to RAW, I got sick regularly.  Colds and Flus, it was ridiculous.  When I juiced I also gained weight and when I went RAW I would break out in Eczema.  I thought I was doing all the perfect things for my body, but if I was around someone who sneezed, I knew I was about to suffer whatever they had just shared with me.

Since I couldn’t always bring all of my kitchen gadgets when I traveled, I realized that I always seemed to feel stronger and more energized when I would travel or relocate for different periods of time.  The more time I spent at the farmer’s markets abroad, the less I experimented with ways of “Supplementing” my diet, the healthier and thinner I would always be.

I started noticing this pattern and started reading and researching more.

What it all comes down to is our body chemistry which is shaped by our heritage and how we were raised.

Healthy diets aren’t absolute.  Healthy lifestyles aren’t about just one way of living and eating.  The Healthiest Lifestyles are an extension of healthy people who try different things and listen to their own body’s natural response.  Eat with your feeling, not with your intellect.

Juicing is more medicine than regular health food and your body is only capable of absorbing a certain amount of nutrients from every meal you you eat, this is called bioavailability.  Digestion starts in the mouth too, so, when you juice vegetables and you don’t have the fiber, your body is a bit confused and then you have digestive juices that sense the veggies you placed in liquid form, in your mouth, but now, you don’t have the fiber.  Organic nutrition is also about the Organic form of the food, don’t forget this too.  Fruit juices are also one of the worst kinds of processed foods, it’s an overloading of sugar to the system, not vitamins and minerals.  There is so much sugar, that whatever dietary good, is now dietary bad, because of the sugar content.  Sugar is what feeds cold and flu viruses, it fuels illness and does not help cure a cold sooner.

Hunger is the body also asking for nutrition.  Nutrition are Carbs, Fat and Calories.  If you don’t have the 3, you aren’t providing your body balanced nutrition.

Propolis, this is Nature’s Flu Shot.  It is so incredibly affordable and easy on the pallet.  I take this regularly and the instant I feel a little rundown, I add this to my diet once in the morning and once in the evening, 24hrs later, I am fully recovered, like new.  I also am careful not too consume Raw Veggies, which I am sensitive too, but more so because Raw Veggies are a lot of work for the body to break down and if I’m run down, I want my body to be able to use its energy to fix itself with the nutrients I provide.  I also make sure I do not consume any Refined Sugar at all.

There are no absolutes when it comes to your health and if something doesn’t feel like it works for you, listen to you.  Remember, nobody knows you better than you.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that your gut will never lie to you.

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