I’ve been through it and have watched people go through it.

The figuring out of our bodies, the language of movement and the skill of power.

The crazy thing is, the more I know, I realize how much I always did know, without understanding how much I knew.  Dad would always comment on my natural abilities as an athlete and the fact that my natural abilities hadn’t yet been tainted by the creation of bad habits.

How do we create bad habits?  Our bodies are built to work with us.  We are created to work with our bodies.  We are built as a natural manifestation, bringing together our Organic Natural composition of the Physical and Metaphysical.  We are incomplete without understanding how to bring together the two, which is why sports, the arts and movement are so important.

We are thinking creatures, as much as we are doing creatures.

We are not meant to only think.

We are not meant to always do.

We are meant to live an Organically Balanced Life where we live a mesh of the two.

Movement is approached from a purely external perspective most of the time.  There’s something about the eyes that can often times dominate, projecting the idea of movement to originate from an externally physical place of origin.  Even when the movement stimulates feeling, a reaction, or the more sophisticated, a response, modern ways of thinking place the emphasis on the external.

All Movement originates from the Internal.  When there is the absence of the Internal, this is where injuries occur and that lack of the ability to “connect” develops, leaving an unsatisfied feeling that is “empty”.  Makes sense though, without the metaphysical of the Internal, your movements are empty.  Feeling is the guiding root of all movement and the actual Power of all Movement originates from the ability to fully release.  Release is Power.

Regardless of what movement you are practicing, you can bring Tai Chi Chuan into what you are doing, even if you are just standing and waiting online, you can practice Tai Chi Chuan by allowing your Internal Energy to Flow, even when you are standing still, just make sure you aren’t standing by “holding-up” different areas of your body.

Here’s how to practice Tai Chi Chuan whether your just standing or moving.  It all starts with finding your base:

  1. Make sure you are standing in a way where you can fully release into your base.  For the purpose of this exercise, just to achieve the right feeling for the purposes of learning, stand about shoulder width apart.
  2. Relax into your feet.  Feel the soles of your feet against the floor.
  3. Now that you feel the floor with the soles of your feet, connect with the floor.  This is accomplished by softening the knees, so that the hips can release.  These two mechanisms are what allow you to initiate into a jump, but we aren’t going to jump, I just want you to feel your “Chi” or energy, sink and connect with your base in the same way you would for the dynamics of a jump.

All it takes are these 3 simple steps that you have actually been doing your whole entire life to actually understand Tai Chi Chuan of all movement.

Once you feel that connection with the sole of your foot, into the floor, this is all you need to remember for all movement you engage in.  It all stems from your solid base, which is a connection you can establish from any place you are standing on.  A solid base is only made stable from an internal release of your physical body.

Your internal release is what connects your physical body to your metaphysical body, or, more simply put, this is how we are able to return to our Organic Movement, which originates from feeling and restores the healthy actions of our Brain.

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