Forget about fighting.  Forget about Push Hands.  Forget about how beautiful Tai Chi looks.  Forget about it all and just think about what is that makes you feel good about you?  What makes you want to pursue things?  What is it that drives you?

To me, the one thing that everything about living life has in common is the desire to achieve excellence.  To achieve that excellent feeling is what drives us all, but it is our journey for excellence that is always unique.

Excellence begins with you.

Everyone looks to describe Tai Chi in a way that is everything about what I can tell they want to feel from watching it and in their descriptions I feel and hear, no matter what their choice of vocabulary to be, that it’s the desire for a state of excellence.

Tai Chi Chuan creates a unification of senses.  This unity is Body Mechanics with a foundation rooted in the metaphysical, meeting the physical.  This is how Tai Chi works from the inside out.  No matter how you memorize the physical movements, without the metaphysical, you are not doing Tai Chi.

The Maturity of Tai Chi Chuan is rooted in the connection of the metaphysical, nature of the mind, with the action of the brain.  The mind is the blue print for the brain and the body is the machine which is powered by the brain.

Physical skill cannot exist with the metaphysical coordination of the Brain and the Mind. The coordination of the Brain and the Mind cannot translate to the body without Internal Energy Flow, Feeling.

Feeling, Internal Energy Flow is the achieved state of excellence, instilled by Tai Chi Chuan practice.

It takes a Maturity of the Mind to be able to listen to the dynamics of the brain, so that your combined senses can now function, fluidly with your body.

It’s the combining of senses that makes Tai Chi the Mature Martial Art and it takes your childlike sense of discovery, to discover that maturity and also maintain your sense of discovery that can only flourish from existing in a childlike state.

Dad has always taught Tai Chi with laughter, I have never known it to be taught in any other way and I would never care to learn or teach it in any other way.


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