Fitness in this country is still in its infancy and we have become a culture almost entirely detached to ourselves, so much so that we create technology to monitor our steps, tell us when to drink and tell us how to eat.  It’s a bit stupid that we don’t already know how to keep track of this stuff by ourselves.  But I think these gadgets, aside from creating enormous profits, at the expense of not just our wallet, are also creating a deficit, at the expense of our intelligence.

We really are pretty smart, even though companies would like us to think otherwise, so they can “help” us with products we don’t need to help make us healthier in some of the dumbest ways imaginable.  I can’t even fully comprehend the concept that people don’t understand how to manage their water intake.  There is no app that can solve anything for you if you really are this unaware, but you really aren’t. You buy into the idea that you aren’t smart enough to pay the people who are outsmarting you, by creating things that are in reality quite patronizing.

You wanna know how smart you are?  You are smart enough to make yourself believe you don’t know things that you really do know.  You are are smart enough to use your mind in way where you don’t listen to the body, often times resulting in injuries.  You are so smart that you can actually program yourself, against yourself and believe that you are doing this for your own good.  This is how smart you are.

Injuries are caused when we don’t listen.  We are brainwashed into thinking the pushing our limits to be a sign of power and strength, when actually listening to our limits is the only way to get stronger, move faster and condition better.

Most trainers, sports and fitness fads approach everything from this purely aesthetic vantage point and this is why this boom of fitness has also created the industry of rehab. Is it really living healthier if you are living with injuries that you constantly have to repair?

What fitness today is lacking is the internal.  Social Media and Narcism has diminished the industry of fitness to just be about what we can take pictures of and show off about.  Muscles are being marketed, not health.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of muscles, but the most important muscle we are forgetting about in this new era of “Fitness” is our Brain.

The Mind/Body connection can only be achieved with a balanced Mind/Brain connection. It is the connection and coordination of the Brain with the Mind which balances the connection with the Body.  The Mind knows where the Body wants to go and it is the function of the Brain to simply just get the body there.

Without the Brain gauging the physical abilities and limits of the Body with the intended action of the Mind, this is where injuries occur.  Fitness now, is so focused on what we should tell our Bodies to do that we don’t listen to the boundaries that need to be respected for our own Physical Health and Reinforcement of our actual Mental Health.

We have been trained to understand the respecting of boundaries, of our bodies to be a limitation and short coming that we have to “push” through, this often time leads to injuries.

If you don’t practice the art of listening, you aren’t really practicing fitness.

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