When I don’t do something physical, I don’t feel good.  Movement is necessary nourishment.

When I go to sleep at night I am always thinking about how I’m going to structure my day and as I get into a comfortable flow with my itinerary, I allow this Modern Day, Adult Fairytale to blissfully help me go to sleep as I count my reps and number my sets.  I find it soothing to have and idea of how I am going to challenge my body and my mind tomorrow all the time.

The same way I need to be physical, we also need to allow our physical bodies to rest.  This is part of staying physical and balanced.  You need to know your body to listen to your body.  The more you use your body, the more your body will speak to you.

Hunger is a language out body uses with us to tell us it needs nutrition.

Nutrition is what the body needs and the way to understand our body’s nutritional needs is to eliminate the addictive cravings that processed foods create.  We confuse hunger with addiction and the need to eat with our intellect, instead of the need to nourish because of how we feel. You may need to take time out to start cleaning out your diet of the processed foods, so that your body can relearn how to eat actual Nourishing Foods.  Educating yourself about foods that make you “feel” full is not what nourishing is about.  Nourishment can only come from consuming Calories, Fat and Carbs.  Without the balance of the 3 you aren’t eating food.  Fat, Calories and Carbs don’t make you fat, it’s the processing our foods go through with chemicals that cause weight gain.  Toxic chemicals cause our bodies to unknow itself.  Toxic chemicals cause our bodies to create fat to protect our internal organs from being poisoned by the toxins in processed foods.  The worst processed food hidden in almost all processed foods is refined sugar.  Refined sugar is the precursor to premature aging, diabetes, weight gain, cancers, it’s the golden child of the healthcare industry because it creates the health problems the healthcare industry enjoys “treating”, so they can keep you as customers.

Proper nutrition and rest is how we keep ur bodies functioning to their MAX.

Functioning at our MAX is also about how much we listen to the rest needed to function at our optimum.

People seem to think that managing to function on less sleep means you’re accomplishing more.  Sleep is the only times your hormones get to reregulate themselves.  Your hormones are responsible for everything your body needs to be healthy.  Hormones keep you at your healthy weight.  Hormones keep your hair from falling out.  Hormones keep you skin glowing.  Hormones keep your mind vibrant.  Hormones keep you youthful and make aging a youthful process.  You need to get your sleep.  Without your needed requirement of sleep, you really are killing yourself.

Problems with sleep are often times related to the actual lack of sleep, leading to imbalanced hormones exacerbated by skincare, poor diet, poor exercise and the lack of sleep.

If you are having problems sleeping try and take a look at your diet and fitness regimes.  It might be as simple as just making that time to sweat a bit every day or eliminating a bad food habit.

Everything we do from fitness to food is kind of nourishment, keep it organic, keep it balanced.

People, their energy, energy is a kind of food your body absorbs too.  Stay away from toxic people, inauthentic people and feel your health improve.

Never underestimate the need for breaks.

Taking breaks is when you allow your energy to recharge, refocus and rebuild.

You can’t run off of an empty tank.

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