Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art.  It is the Mature Martial Art, it is the Gentleman’s Martial Art.  It is an Internal Art because it focuses on the development of the internal and from the development of the internal, we learn our physical abilities.

Tai Chi Chuan is the development of the mind to work with the brain and the brain’s developed understanding of the physical body that work to achieve, the intended exaggerations of the mind.

Aside from physical abilities, the skills of a fighter begin with the ability of their Mind/Brain connection.

If you practice Tai Chi, you are a fighter, because you have approached your training from the desire to develop your mind to understand your brain and it’s ability to function with your physical body.

Awareness, is what you are training when you train Tai Chi.

Awareness, learned in so many different ways and most importantly self awareness.

Self Awareness is a must when learning what kind of fighter you are.  Not all of us can be masterful in the ring and not all of us are meant to be masters of the ring.  The most important fight that we need to be the victorious warriors of, is the fight to be our own hero, of our own lives.

When people ask me about how to protect themselves, I feel that the most important thing you have to learn is, yourself.

This is what all fighters train, strengthening our skills and becoming sensitive to the weaknesses of others.  All kinds of fighters train to understand their own strengths, knowing you never really know another person’s weaknesses, but you can train your strengths to always be the most confident, controlled and strongest version of you.  This way you are always Present, because of your constant state of self awareness.

Protecting yourself is something that happens before the fight and it is actually about avoiding “the fight” that is the truest test of a fighter’s skill.  Even when you watch a fight on fight day, it’s not a fight, it is just a test of skills.  Just because you see someone throwing punches and kicks, this doesn’t make a fight a fight a fight. Fighting only truly happens when skill is out-skilled and it now becomes a test of wills, this happens more outside the ring than it does inside.

Because Tai Chi Chuan works from the inside out, you would think that enhanced intelligence would be birthed from the experience of Tai Chi players, but what ends up happening sometimes is a manipulation of the mind which can cause us to lie with the brain, creating something we know as brainwashing.

When practicing Tai Chi it is so vital to remain realistic and grounded.  Although Tai Chi has the incredible ability to create surreal manifestations that make us feel as though we are flying, these are actually really only the result of the ability to become more grounded because of the acknowledged, surreal quality of recognizing reality through our established state of presence.

Don’t allow the airy “feeling” state of established presence pull you out of reality.

Tai Chi Chuan is the practiced state of established presence.

Presence is the only state you actually exist in.

Knowing who you are and where you exist is the only way you can now learn, where you are intended to be.


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