The actual interpretation of taking a deep breath is usually only mentioned in times of intense stress and/or when practicing some kind of physical fitness.

How many of you feel that you get this right?  How many feel that you get this wrong?  How many of you have never even thought about it?

I know how to breath.  You also know how to breath, but what is it about our mind that distracts from what the brain already knows?  It’s as though our “consciously aware” state takes us out of our state of actual awareness.  You know that whole thinking thing that messes up something we’ve always done as second nature?  Breathing is one of those things that the conscious mind pulls out of the natural body.

“Take a Deep Breath”, gets pulled out of context when we consciously just have the mention of the intended action for that kind of breathing.  It almost creates a strange kind of uncomfortable tension that pulls us out of our bodies and into our minds.  The thought, combined with the action, creates such an unnatural kind of reaction, rather than a breath taken and released to create the intended response from the body.

Your breath is a feeling, just like the movements of the Tai Chi form, just like the movement of any kind of movement.  The feeling of your breath is what births your intended movement and your flow is indicated by the coordination between your feeling of breath, interpreted through physical movement.

When we get locked into trying understand movements physically we loose the feeling, we hold our breath and we create confusion where there should be flow.

“Take a Deep Breath” becomes this tool for trying to put the flow back into movement, but it’s also usually done in such a physical way that we completely become numb to actual feeling and fall into a state of “hopelessly searching”, our minds, again distracting from the flow that is meant to be felt by our natural internal breathing state.

Next time you hear or feel that it’s time to “Take a Deep Breath”, instead of creating an independent physically external action out of your breath, try and feel for your breath instead.  Listen for it and to it.  Take your time, your breath has a natural feeling and flow you’ve been working with your whole entire life.  It’s not meant to be rushed, it’s not meant to happen from the mind, it’s the condition of your internal state, take your time and feel it through so you can listen to how your body needs to adjust.

Your breath coordinates the physical with the feeling, take your time, this is flow.

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