Detoxing has become this crazy thing we think we need to do almost suddenly and in such drastic ways.

Detoxing is something that should be happening all of the time and it’s not just about what you eat.

For the record, I do not believe in the crazy Detox fads.  They serve more harm than good and also make people think that living in “unhealthy” states is ok, because all they have to do is “Cleanse” or “Detox”.  It’s all sounding so much like the Catholics and Confession.  Confession or not, you did the deed and confessing doesn’t take away from the impact of the wrong you did, the same way a “Cleanse” or a “Detox” cannot undo the harm you’ve done to your health.  “Cleanses” and “Detoxes” actually cause a kind of “shock’ to your body’s health system.

For those of you embarking on healthier life journeys, your journey may need to begin with the people in your life, instead of the food in your life.

People affect you on an energy level and regardless of how healthy you eat and how many healthy habits you incorporate into your life, none of it will feel good if the people in your life and the thoughts of your mind are toxic.  Detoxing needs to begin with how you see, you.

Your gut. Your instinct.  This is a mechanism for detox that we are born with and the problem is, we don’t listen to it.  We allow our minds to distract from the energy we are sensing.  We allow our minds to be unaccepting of ourselves.  We sabotage ourselves with ourselves, which only leads to further sabotage of ourselves.  If we don’t put ourselves first and trust our instincts to keep us safe, then who on earth do we really expect to respect us and nurture us, the way we ourselves, are meant to?  It all starts with you.

Before you want to take charge of your life by changing the things in your life, maybe you need to take charge of you first.

No Detox in the world can give you the you, you need from you.

If you are around people who make you feel bad.  If you are around people who do not act in your best interest.  If you are around people who do not appreciate you.  The truth is, you do know it, but it’s up to you to make the change and Detox your life of the toxic energy that is affecting your ability to think healthy, talk healthy, live healthy.

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