People are all so incredibly interesting and unique.  We all have unique gifts and talents that only the best kind of people can bring out of us.

I am always excited to meet new people and I always take my friendships and relationships seriously.  I’m either in, all the way, or I don’t need to waste your time or my time.  Sometimes you discover certain people aren’t really your people and other times you discover more than ever, that your certain people, are your people for your lifetimes.

“It must difficult to be so small”-Tank.

Tank and I sound like versions of grandmothers you see in old post war era movies, or at least that is the way it always feels to me and looks to me when I reflect.  We sit and try to understand personalities outside of our own and while we have moments of incredible epiphany, we also have the most simple perplexity of trying to understand why people just don’t say what they mean, which we often attribute to the “mask falling off syndrome”.

It’s always interesting when you observe people who march around with a certain bravado.  I’ve come to learn that this kind of fictitious front is also accompanied by a very warm personality, which is confused at first with, “this person is so nice” when in reality it is really about the person selling their idea of how they would like to be seen by others, which isn’t all that bad, at least they know how to start off on the right foot.

We were discussing the little things you notice about people but never say.  Like when someone is too amenable, they usually end up being the exact opposite.  People who front about what a fabulous life they have, but you know the bravado behind these over the top proclamations are usually false.  Those people who know something is wrong, could have said something, but never do, not until they find an opening they choose to cut you with.

All of the back and forth talking about our experiences with some lately and I will never forget the inner-turmoil I was feeling over all of this and Tank sums it all up with this epic pause in the middle of our sushi and says in a very Humphrey Bogart manner

“It must be difficult to be so small” -Tank

This one line summed it all up for me and we just laughed about everything for the rest of the evening.

Life can throw some curve balls, people will always lie, masks will always fall off, but your true friends will take you out for dinner and enlighten you about the “size” of it all.

I don’t think I could have had a better antidote for how I now see those not meant for me.

When in doubt, channel your Inner-Freud… “It must difficult to be so small” -Tank

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