When it comes to athletics and being an athlete, I know what I am talking about, because I have lived the life of an athlete and lived with and trained with one of the greatest living athletes, a person who makes being a “Living Legend” just sound regular and practical.

Actually, all of life is pretty practical, but only if you stay Present, living in the Presence of Your Moments.

How Present are you?  This is something that s always brought to my attention when I am teaching.

Life is meant to be felt, not calculated from the mind.

Feeling brings together the body and the mind, creating a Stillness and Silence where time is timeless and silence is deafening because we are turned back into ourselves.  The only way to be Present is to look from the inside out and the best way to live in Conflict is to judge from the outside, from what needs to be felt on an internal level.

Modern society approaches everything from the outside.  Life has become about the desire for instant gratifications, instead of the desire for wanting to learn and understand the journey it took to get to where we see others, to be at.  Too much of life has become about wanting what others have, instead of achieving who you really are.  Unless you are excited about who you are, you’re never gonna be happy in life.  So seriously, just love yourself.  Even if you haven’t done such lovable things, you are capable of better things.  Make this day one, instead of one day and start living as you.

If you think about it, what value does the “goal” have if the journey traveled is shallow and quick?

This is where Tai Chi Chuan has had such a unique influence on me as a child who was thoroughly raised by it and still is guided by it.  Maybe it is special that my dad is my dad and mom is my mom, but you know what, it’s also special that your parents are your parents, the exact same way too.

People who do come to Tai Chi have the most unique and intriguing of life experiences and while there are many of the Egomaniacal kind, there is one constant of all those who come to train in Tai Chi Chuan, they want to be better than who they currently are and that alone is incredibly brave and beautiful.

I have come to learn that Tai Chi Chuan is the universal language for Self Improvement.

Anyone who has this level of self awareness and the desire to practice Tai Chi Chuan for this purpose is simply just WEIRD.  Weird is the language I am most fluid in and the condition I am comfortably always a willing victim of.  I have never been shy to be weird and I have never been ashamed of what mistakes I make.  My mistakes help me grow and my weirdness is my happy standard.

Tai Chi Chuan is the mother-load of misfits, odd pieces and crazies.  No matter what any of us do professionally or recreationally, if you do TCC you are part of the Beautifully Crazy Club.  We are mix of the lost and found and those still looking for newer ways to be found.  Someone says something one day that makes no sense at all and then all of a sudden, you graduate to that level of liberating strangeness and you get them, because you are always learning to reach the next level of yourself which, in-turn also makes you realize, it’s the rest of the world that stays in their self assigned little box that is actually crazy.

Is their anything any crazier than NOT exploring the infinite, boundless wonders of our own minds?  Just another truism explored with my dear, dear friend, Tank.

I watched my father growing up.  He was always so quiet, until he had something to say.  He always has this childlike state of wonder about him and I used to watch it cause I loved how it felt to look at my daddy tinkering around with new teaching ideas and inventions.  He is never bored by his job, he is never aggravated by his job, he is never NOT thinking.  It’s in his most “Silence” and “Still” states that you can see the Tornado of brilliance dance in the light of his eyes.  There’s an energy that always surrounds him, he is an endless sponge and you feel the magnetism of everything around us come to a different kind of life when you get to be around him all of the time.

Unless you are traveling with him, then you need to channel your own inner buddha, cause that is just an experience, which always reminds me of how, no matter what, the pendulum does swing both ways.  It’s also just a kind reminder that Poppa Chen is human too, or maybe it’s all the silent observations he has made of his family that drives him to the other end of that pendulum, when he is stuck with us, traveling… FYI, mom refuses to pack until we are just about to leave and dad actually does the packing for them both because the way mom packs a suitcase leaves me in an aggravated state just thinking about it.  Wow, I just had to take a deep breath and return to my Present State just remembering that chaos.  Why on earth did dad ever want to take us on trips is beyond me?  He really must be a saint.

Presence is the ultimate state of Stillness and Silence.  It’s the moment where you just listen and it’s absolutely amazing.  You don’t hear, you listen, because everything seems to come to you.  It’s a state that is how we re meant to exist Organically, but the complexities of our overly “sophisticated” minds has created an Inorganic Internal Climate for most of us, which has also become a breeding ground for health problems, both mental and physical.

TCC is the practice of Presence. It is simple and it just flows, but You have to be able to achieve and Silent and Still State.

When you achieve the actual state of Presence you will begin to realize how much we are actually able to easily adapt to.

Learning isn’t about starting from a state of not knowing.  Learning is always achieved from a place of how well you know yourself.  Knowing yourself is key to learning from where you are starting at, so that you can discover where you want to go with it.

Learning can only happen from a state of knowing you.

When you train and it doesn’t have to be TCC.  When you are training in anything, it is your state of Presence that will speak your lesson to you.  I’ve experienced this in all areas of training the body and enriching the mind and it is most commonly known as the “aha moment”.

It’s the “aha” moments that drive us to our intended State of Presence.

It’s our ability to live in our naturally intended state of Presence that creates the Stillness and the Silence necessary for us to achieve what our life has intended for us.

















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