Often times I become friends with our students.  There are times where I wish I hadn’t, but more often than not I am always thrilled, excited and intrigued by my new friendships, because there is something about meeting people who come to our school that always feel like automatic family.

One of my new friends came in today and commented on how she had watched some of my instructional videos, I couldn’t even recall which clip she may have watched, but then she asked if I had read the comments and when I said I hadn’t she had this protective look of relief and said “oh good, that’s so smart”.  She’s an artist, Ellen Cheng and I’ve always liked her very chill vibe and conversing with her in class, with dad, we vibe and it’s awesome.

I proceeded to inform her that I had made the mistake years ago of reading comments on message boards, this was all during my early 20’s and it was not pretty.  Some people said incredibly nice things and other people just had a lot of inner turmoil and I was the mechanism that caused them to purge whatever it was they needed.  I was criticized from everything about my looks, to my weight and my body.  I was criticized for compliments I had received in articles and interviews and it was all about a deep distain for my physical appearance.  It was really hard to read so many attacks even though there were so many people who came to my defense.  I was verbally massacred for not having responded to men when they met me at some event, they called me names and attacked my character.  At so young, it was all really painful, but the one thing I was surprised about was that they never insulted my Martial Arts Technique or ability as an athlete, this actually made me proud, but I learned my lesson and vowed NEVER EVER, EVER to google myself ever again.

One thing I truly respect about my father is that he really is the Super Buddha and nobody anywhere can ever say anything bad about him.  The funny thing about American culture, or maybe it’s just people of a certain breed, people want to talk and they want to look for what they can be negative about.  When it comes to dad, as long as people don’t disrespect my family, I am actually perfectly happy with them bashing me, but what a strange use of one’s life to take the time to post and comment so much on a life that’s not their own, because they hate you.

Hate really is just another kind of love born from envy.  It’s a toxin of society, that seems to prey on those too preoccupied with negativity to focus positively on themselves.  And without the Hate how do we truly value, know, and appreciate Love when we are lucky enough to find it.

We all know those types who have to brag about being better because they read this or they know… who?  Sometimes these people appear subtle, but they’ll always have a strange way of guiding the conversation to “unassumingly” boast about something.

Tai Chi Chuan is an Art.  If you don’t make it your own and if what you do isn’t original, you aren’t tapping into the essence of you, Tai Chi Chuan is all about unleashing, unveiling, revealing and opening.  It doesn’t matter if your teacher trained with the most original teacher of the most original form.

For crying out loud!!!  Do you realize that an art form that is thousands of years old is no longer original after so many years?  And if you are still doing the “original” form of Tai Chi Chuan, exactly the way someone else does it, you are missing the whole point of Tai Chi Chuan and you are missing the whole point of your existence on this planet.  You are wasting your life if you are following how to be “original”, just think about it, it sounds just as ridiculous as it reads.

When learning anything, the most important thing is to find a teacher that doesn’t tell you what to think, you need to find a teacher that teaches you how to think, because they speak to you on a feeling level.  If you don’t feel what you are learning, you aren’t learning anything at all, you’re wasting time trying to understand someone else’s way of doing things, instead learning to understand your way of doing your life better for you.


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