I have an incredible wealth of talented friends.  Sometimes this gives me the chance to experience their work in some of the most interesting place that I never fail to get lost going to, or at least have interesting experiences at.

Well, yesterday, I got lost and had an experience and then quite the experience again and again.

I went to a reading of my dear friend’s, partner’s work… Actually, they’re both my dear friends, I just met her first.

Let me preface this story by staying I have been incredibly busy lately, working everywhere, running everywhere.  I’m all over the place, all of the time and it feels like I am everywhere, always.

The train I was going to take wasn’t in service, so I took the other one.  Somehow, I had forgotten that I had changed plans, after changing my plan and got thoroughly confused when I heard where I had ended up… Getting to street level, I realized that I was now late and needed to cab it to the other side of town.  Sent a text and I was off.  I get a text to just go up to the 1st floor and I’m excited cause I think I’m just a block away, it was a little more than that.  I finally get to the building and am so proud of myself for finding the correct elevator bank… Access to the floor of the theater is turned off.  I get out and go to the other elevator bank.  I go back and forth a couple of times and finally send a text informing my dear friend that I feel crazy and the elevator is locked, she’s on time, because she’s a responsible adult, so she can’t answer my text.  I get the idea to go to the floor above and walk down.   It works brilliantly and I made a new friend with the lady who helped me find my way down to the theater!  Then I see the sign “No Late Admittance”, I don’t know what it is about being adult-ish that made me too scared to disobey a sign I would’ve eagerly defied as a child, but I listened and sat outside, texting with another friend. Finally, 35 minutes later an actress comes walking through and I stop her to ask about her thoughts of the sign and she completely supported my sneaking in, so I did.  Sometimes you find the strength to do slightly naughty things in such nice places.

I manage to get a seat without causing much interruption and I scan the room to find my dear friend and I can’t find her… Since this is a reading of her partner’s work, he wasn’t on-stage, so now I was wondering if I was in the right room.  I didn’t see her, but now I spotted legs, with a body hidden by a pillar and then I saw The Shoes…

These shoes she had showed me a year ago, so proud and in-love with her new purchase, showing the off.  What a relief, she bough the shoes and now, because of them I was able to find her.

During intermission I get to meet her partner’s parents and I sit with his proud poppa, such a sweet gentle guy.  He asks question about me and the fighting stuff comes up, I tell him I’m retired, he proudly tells me his older son is a blackbelt in JiuJitsu.  They announce his son’s name, reintroducing the second act and he turns to me and touches my hand on my thigh and says “That’s my son”, I melt just a little bit and then he says

“How old are you anyway?”

Me: “39”

“Aren’t you a bit old for that fighting stuff?(Pause) You know, your age?”

Me: (Laughing, he was just so sweet and concerned) “Yes, I do know, I am retired”

“Oh, good, good”

The second act flowed and was just such a remarkable insight to the brilliance of the mind when your artistic flow is found.

Very thankful and lucky to have friends who so generously share their art with me.

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