Social Media and the whole Entire world is so ridiculously overly saturated with Marketing, a twisting and retardation of facts, to suit the desires of big business, by manipulating us, little people.

If we paid more attention to facts, we’d be less distracted by the unstoppable noise that surrounds us, telling us the untruest of things when it comes to out health and diet.  I have never seen so many people so allergic to so many things and the more I see it, the more I also hear how people love to talk about all their self diagnosed conditions they have learned about themselves, from listening to… Marketing, paid for by industries, manipulating us, little people.

When it comes to health and nutrition, everything I speak on is from my own, actual, personal experiences.

I have never had so many people notice my recent weight loss.  I gained a bit of weight from not eating right about a year ago.  It was a stressful period, I didn’t have the right people around me and then I also had so much going on work wise, I fell off my nutritional ladder trying to handle everyone else, I lost myself for and bit and then finally decided, at just around this same exact time last year, that I wasn’t gonna put up with anymore bullshit and I was going to clean up the the garbage in my life and that included my diet.

The first thing I did was cut out all Refined Sugars and return to preparing my own meals.

In all honesty, that was all I needed to do, everything else just started falling into place after that.  It’s a funny thing now, I have to be careful when satisfying my occasion cravings for naughty sweets, which are very few and far between, usually just around more hormonal periods because refined sugar gives me a migraine, this was always a symptom I’ve had, but I’m far more sensitive now, having had the past year to detox and reunite with my healthy habits.

The comments I have been getting the past several months have been so interesting, because I’ve always said Fat is our friend and the more Healthy Fats I eat, the leaner I get.  I only eat freshly baked bread from the bakers and I have this regularly and I don’t ever and have never counted calories.  If what your eating doesn’t have calories, it’s not an energy source/food source.

Sometimes I get hungry late at night and I listen to my body, I take a bit of my homemade peanut butter that I blend with black sesame, whey protein and hyaluronic acid or I have a soft boiled egg that I pre-make from the fridge.

Hunger is your body asking for nutrition, sleep is your body’s busiest time, this is when all of your hormones get re-regulated.  This is stuff your body can’t do when your awake. This is serious repair time, so, if I’m hungry before bed, or I wake up from hunger, I eat something.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go eat a tub of ice cream, but you know that.  It’s common sense.

The thing about cutting out refined foods is that your body will ask you for what it needs, with cravings, from hunger.

Be careful when distinguishing between an addictive cravings and needful cravings.

Practicing mindfulness and arts of listening will help you transition into learning how to listen to yourself, once you decide to practice mindfulness by cutting out Processed Foods, starting with Refined Sugar.

When you cut out the chemical toxins, your body’s communication opens up with you, you learn to listen and this provides growth, development and evolution on so many levels.

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