Tim Ho Wan, never fails to be have at least an hour wait, every single time I have attempted going there, so we discovered this Ramen place around the corner.

It’s as though you just landed in Tokyo.  Every single employee looks like an anime character, down to the hair.  They’re young, funky, very polite and very, very sweet.  The crowd is younger than me, NYU and then some who look older than me, but, they’re probably my age and look just like me, but inside I still feel like a 12 year old, so, they look older.

I caught these very drunk NYU kids chattering one night about dating and then this kid shows a photo of someone “really old” and then says they’re “35… I just wanted to smack this kid for saying that, at the same time, remembering myself when 35 did seem old to me too.

My friend tells me about a friend whom, they think is asexual, but possibly gay, if there would be a preference assigned.  I wonder why this person may be asexual, what makes a person asexual… god, I just feel like it would be so boring.  It’s so much fun to be with someone else.  Then I learn that I will meet this person, now really I’m interested.

We sit and eat an ice cream filled crepe with chocolate truffles and have the funniest dialogue which is the title of this blog.

It’s so funny how we support silly facts about ourselves in equally silly ways sometimes and look so serious when we’re doing so.  Then we laugh and laugh and laugh and I finally meet the “friend” of my friend.  I usually have a pretty sharp sense of personalities, I thought this person was entirely gay, but I also felt that they were very attracted to me at the same time!!!  How is this possible?

Anyway, fall evenings with chocolate ice cream crepes and another lesson in sexual fluidity that I still don’t quite understand.

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