I am an odd ball.  I am not like anyone else. I have never tried to be like anybody else.  I am not shy.  I am hard to embarrass.  I am eccentric and I am down to earth.  I am fascinated by everything I don’t understand and I thirst to always know more about everything I do not have the ability to imagine, which is why my favorite activity is collecting people who are the same with curiosity, but entirely different from me.  The less I get you, the more I hunger to want to understand you.  The more I learn to think outside my way of thinking, the more I am drawn to you.

I watched my parents growing up and as different as they both are, they are the same when it comes to thinking everywhere outside of boundaries, margins, limits.

“The mind is infinite” is something dad would say regularly with this far and away gaze that was always, definitely present.  Dad has this way about him where he always looks as though he is swimming through his own mind, then you catch him in moments, between his moments where he is in the same physical space as you, but he is studying, always studying.  The space of his mind was always something I observed and it looked like such a fantastic place to be, I wanted to feel the same way his eyes always danced.  Growing up watching this, I had no choice but to be weird.

Weird is the most invigorating place to be.  It gives freedom to the mind and fuels the soul with endless energy.  It makes everything interesting.  It makes the same things new.  It’s a freedom we all have within our own selves, if only we all embraced the beauty of our own weirdness, we’d have such an incredible world to constantly swim through.  There’s nothing more fun than getting to swim through the weird of each other’s minds, but it takes a certain kind of trust and mutual understanding that can only exist between weirdos.

Everything thats weird about me is what makes me unique, the same way your kind of weird makes you so enjoyably unique.

I have never been conventional and I don’t understand why anybody would be anything other than who they are.  I watch people trying to be like others, trying to act a certain way, trying to portray themselves and certain way, trying to get other people to see them a certain way, it just never makes any sense.  I feel all the effort and then you see the inauthenticity and at that point its just so disappointing.  Why waste your time being anything other than you, the reason for your existence is so that you can be you, that is why you are created, you were created to be original, not to be a copy.

One of my obsessions that I took to a place that so many people thought was weird, is nutrition.  As a lifetime athlete, fighter, martial arts teacher, my body is my work.  If I’m not at my best, I can’t do my job.

My obsession with nutrition and reading labels spilled over into triggering me to think about reading the labels of my Skincare, only after I had literally destroyed my skin with skincare.

When I finally started reading the labels of all the skincare products I had, I realized how much I had been damaging my health with all the toxic fillers, parabens and carcinogenic perfumes.  I had also been damaging my wallet.

Reading the labels not only taught about the toxins, I also realized that a lot of the actual AntiAging ingredients were actually food ingredients I was very familiar with.

Skincare just translated as another kind of Processed Foods and I had been Organic and Whole Food for so long that I realized I now had to do this for my skin.  I needed to cut out all the processed garbage and give my skin the same Organic Nutrition I give my body.  I began this 15 years ago and ever since then there have been numerous health benefits aside from the actual physical health of my skin that I am so grateful for.

Keep in mind, I was doing this 15 years ago and almost everyone thought I was either crazy or weird and most of the time, both.  Well, after the same people who thought I was weird saw the change in my skin, they kept asking for what I used.  Then Skincare followed, but they still haven’t caught up to where I’m at, their modus operandi is profit, not health, many of the brands that carry oils now still use fillers and perfumes which are still toxic.

If a product boasts, “Made with 90% Organic Ingredients” it means that it is 10% toxic, it might not kill you instantly, but poison is poison and it is killing you slowly.

If it’s not made with 100% organic ingredients, its just not organic.

Here’s another thing I LOVE telling people, “I haven’t used soap on my body in 7 years”.  People look at me in horror and judgement without even understanding the chemistry of soap and the damage it does to our health.  People immediately say “That is so weird, you don’t look or smell dirty” and I wonder… “If I don’t look or smell dirty, why is it weird that I’ve found a new way to take care of my health?”  Then I realize, if you want judge me for being weird, you are exactly the kind of person I’m not particularly interested in meeting.

Weird is wonderful.  Be your Weird self and appreciate the compliment when it comes your way!


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