I’ve always been severely burdened by the fact that Environmental Radiation is a serious health factor that we don’t readily have the ability to protect ourselves from, on a cellular level, that is.  There are nets you can buy, magnets and you can have your home outfitted with insulation that will protect you, but not everyone can afford these options and then what happens when we actually need to walk around in our day to day lives?

We have no choice but to swim through the invisible technological germs that our entire lives run off of.

I try not to talk on my phone much, I try not to keep my phone on my physical body too much, I try to do a lot of things that distance from me from my phone, but all the trying in the world only brought to my attention, how much I really can’t distance myself from my phone, technology and the influenza of technology.

So, I did what I normally do, I went back to my thinking that helped me become a stronger athlete, trainer and teacher.  I thought about how I could strengthen my own body, so that I could protect myself on a cellular level.  It’s all about nutrition, always.

This caused me to create The SPF Serum and the CoQ10, The Serum.  Both are unique blends of very powerful antioxidants and nutrients that strengthen our Immune System, Protecting us on a Cellular Level and any product that can accomplish this, also has magnificent AntiAging Benefits as well as Skin Correcting, Health Benefits.

Our body’s make CoQ10, but as we age, we become less efficient at making what our body’s need.  CoQ10 is what maintains the energy, metabolism of our cells.  Sluggish cells also contribute to a sluggish body.  Studies have show that adding CoQ10 to your diet can help weight loss, especially if you’ve been having trouble loosing weight and are older, this might be the nutrient that could help stimulate your weight-loss goals.

This is beyond Beauty, where vanity is actually about health and your healthy condition ends up resulting in the incredible side effect of your physical beauty.

This is about whole family health and protecting the ones we love, by how we nourish them.

The Protection Kit

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