Mom might kill me for this blog, but I don’t think she really ever reads my blog, so if she does, I know someone, one of you told her about this.

I’m older now, now I reflect on things, cause that’s what us older people do, we reflect, we go to bed early, we avoid nights out, we make friends with people who have dinner at 6pm and we find people who create the kind of company that teaches us how to listen.

Listening is a skill that is developed with the maturity of growth.  Listening is the busiest work of Silence and is the most addicting ability, once you actually meet the kinds of people who stimulate your ability to Listen, because of everything they help you absorb.  Listening also is the ability to hear and trust your gut, cause when you can Listen, you hear a person’s Energy which un-diguises their Intent, you can’t become manipulated by words.

Listening was something my father trained me for, without directly ever training me.  It’s such an interesting thing to reflect on the unique Learning Experiences I have grown up with, because I not only had Dad as a teacher, my life was always about growing from challenges and loving every single second of it.

Even though Dad is really the most incredible example I have ever experienced in my life as a human, he too is just human and would sometimes resort to saying some of the craziest things to get my attention, which actually warms me to the core, just thinking about and writing about this now.

“Tiffany, you don’t know how much longer I am going to live, you need to listen” – Poppa Chen

This is something students have heard dad frustratingly say when he couldn’t quite understand how to capture my attention, so he had to find a way to threaten me with his own mortality. Yes, dad is just human with a family and the same family problems as all dad’s have with their kid.

FYI, this tactic doesn’t create the most cohesive of father/daughter moments, but it does give the classroom a good chuckle.  It’s interesting though, dad and I do really have our own unique connection, no matter how many people are around us, no matter how many people are watching us.  It’s almost as though we are connected in this way, where we are known to each other and none of what else is going on around us seems to matter.  Perhaps it is a way of closing out the distractions of our environment, especially when we are at martial arts events and/or maybe its just our unique synergy which often times makes me either his translator or a teaching tool that shows his students how I don’t always get it right, especially if I don’t make it into the school regularly.  The lesson, get to class, or nothing will help you learn, not even being Master Chen’s Daughter.

Lately I have realized this hypnotic pull I have when I’m listening to dad teach and I’ve also noticed this subconscious thing I developed when it comes to deliberately, un-deliberately not hearing my mother’s certain tone of voice.  Curiously though, Mom has seemed to adopted dad’s calmer form of communication which has helped me learn how to better listen to her.

I have no idea why this video is sideways and I can’t figure out how to fix it, but it’s meant for you to hear his voice.

Gotta get to class!!! Talk more later, xoxo

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