My evolution into CHEN, is just an extension of my life lived in Health and Wellness.

Skinfoods is Skincare, without the Fillers, Parabens and Carcinogens.

This isn’t something totally out of the ordinary, it’s an Occam’s Razor kind of approach.

All I did was eliminate the toxic products, it was like eliminating McDonald’s from my diet, by transitioning to Whole Foods.

If you look at my ingredients, you will find that many of them are what Skincare boasts about being their “magical ingredients” and they really are, until Profit destroys Organic Products for the sake of Capitalistic Pleasures.

Skinfoods liberate your body from the need for particular routines and precise product management.  Skinfoods detox your body from Skincare and create a listening environment, nourished by nutrition.

Giving your body actual nutrition, teaches your body how to trust you.  When your body finally trusts you, you will feel what your body communicates differently.  Nutrition creates a listening environment.  It is only when we listen, that we are able to understand our bodies needs and it is incredible how you will feel about needing certain products at different times.

The body also loves variation when it comes to nutrition, so the more you switch up your Skinfoods, the better response you will get from your body’s health.  You will learn about which Skinfoods you tend to like more than other and sometimes you may even find that you want to use a particular product that might not have been your favorite, because your body is actually telling you it needs that balance of nutrition.

For instance, I don’t always use my Green Tea Butter, I use my serums more regularly, but on certain occasions I’ll just “feel” like using my GTB and it’s because I know my body needs something from that nutritional balance.

When you finally reach this level of health, it’s an interesting evolution into understanding the needs of your own health enhancement better.

Click here for a better explanation.

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