I love my parents more than anything.

The older you get, the more you understand how much you don’t understand, the more you wonder and learn about how crazy your parents are, how daring they had to have been and what on earth made them insane enough to have had you, consciously.

Life is very, very, very, fair.

It’s a funny thing when your parents are no longer terrified of you driving and actually express gratitude for having you at the wheel.  I do no think I can count the number of times mom had said “I am not letting you drive my car”.  My mom tried as best as she could to set boundaries, because having any amount of children is reassurance that boundaries will be violated, over and over again.  Sometimes accidentally, and then, as kids get older, more and more deliberately.

Mom was driving and very tired.  I am so used to mom driving.  She drove me to most all of my fights, with me rambling and randomly breaking into Drag Queenesque Performances in the car.  All the while, she never seemed to notice, she just let me transition into my different states of crazy, while she focused on getting to my fights in one piece, even though I would sometimes seem like 3 to 10 different personalities.

Ok, back to mom driving… It was a long drive and she was actually starting to swerve to the point where dad even very calmly suggested me taking over.  He didn’t even want her to pull off at an actual rest stop, he wanted her to pull over ASAP and just get me in the driver’s seat, ASAP… Miracle No.1

We were on the highway, with a lot of traffic speeding by which made this feel very scary, but, not as scary as mom’s driving was getting and that’s saying a lot, because mom is actually a very soothing driver.

I get into the driver’s seat and mom is now safely in the back with one of my girlfriends.

Mom announces, “I am really so grateful to have you with us and driving now, it’s such a relief”, Miracle No. 2

I busted out laughing, in all the years, I have never imagined ever hearing either of my parents express gratitude for me being in the drivers seat.

It was late, dark and the drive was LONG…

Dad asks, “How many more minutes before we are there?”

Me: “GPS says about 20”

We drive and 10 minutes passes…

Dad: “It doesn’t look like we are anywhere near where are suppose to be going.  How many more miles does the GPS say?”

I’m driving and it’s on very dark country roads, the last thing I need is to be distracted looking at a car monitor when there could be Deer, or something else crossing the road.

Me: “Dad, I’m not sure, it’s dark and I need to focus on the road”

We drive and the road never seems to change, you know that feeling where you feel yourself driving into nowhere, but GPS is communicating regularly with me, so I’m just staying focused, because I have a car load of people very precious to me.

Dad: “How long do you think you have been driving since you switched with mommy?”

Me: “Maybe about 30 minutes at the most, but I’m paying attention to the road dad.  We are in the country and I need to make sure I am focused on what I am doing.”

Dad: “You don’t know how much longer the GSP says?”

Me: “Dad, we will get there when we get there, in one piece.  That is all I care about. Regardless of what the GPS says, I don’t care about the time, I care about our safety.”

We drive and then I hear another GPS lady from the back of the car, competing with the GPS in the car… It could only mean one thing…

Me: “Dad… What are you dong?”

Dad: “I’m checking on my own to find out when we are going to get there now”

Me: “Dad, you cannot have another navigational system talking, while I am listening to the GPS of the car.  You need to turn that off right now, otherwise the confusion is going really upset me”

The car is just quiet…

Dad: “Priscilla, can you tell me what your GPS says? How much longer, or the miles?”

Mom: “Tiffany is driving, she will get us there safely, just relax.  This way we can all get there relaxed and ready for dinner”

All those years of “Are we there yet”… I’m finally getting the payback I deserve and it’s only made me love and adore my parents more.

Life is very, very, fair.

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