I cannot live without Bone Broth.

Growing up in a Chinese household, soup was always around and the favorite part of Chinese Banquets, for me at least.

As an athlete I craved this regularly and whenever I filled my craving I always felt, reborn, refreshed, renewed and ready for everything and anything.

Achy joints didn’t ache anymore.  That depleted feeling you get as an athlete was completely erased. It is a nourishing energy that fills you from the inside out and here’s the reason why, Bone Broth is the Mega Dose of minerals you cannot find anywhere else and it is soooooooooooo easy to make.  The fact that people buy it in the freezer section boggles my mind.

Bones are made up of Minerals.  It’s a mineral balance unique to nature and it’s strength is transferred to us, when we consume it regularly.  There is also the precious marrow that becomes part of the broth and that is a nutritional powerhouse that dates back to hunter/gatherer days.  When an animal was harvested after being killed, the meat was only secondary to thee precious marrow.

We cannot make minerals, we need to consume them regularly. Minerals are necessary for Supporting Life.

When making your own bone broth at home the quality of your ingredients will become the quality of your healthy condition.

I always start with the healthiest bones possible and when it comes to beef, they should be grass-fed.  When it comes to poultry, I no longer trust American Supermarkets, I go to Chinatown and get the bones from their poultry which is freshly harvested and fed organic natural feed, because Asians are so food obsessed our chickens are raised healthier and the quality is in the taste and fat content of the bird.

Here’s another fact for those of you who throw away the fat.  The bulk of your nutrients are in the fat!!!  When working with beef bones you do get an excessive amount of Fat-Marrow.  I keep this and cook with it too.  It not only adds flavor, it makes any dish I prepare use it with, healthier.

Fat is good for you and Fat helps you stay lean and loose weight.  I’m not talking about the kind of fat in Ice Cream though…

I’m getting back into my Bone Broth in the Morning Routine, here’s my simple Bone Broth Recipe:

  • Roast Bones for 1hr in 400 degree oven
  • Transfer Bones to Pot, unless you roasted the bones in the pot, then add water till you cover with about 2 inches of water, sitting on top of the bones.
  • Bring to a boil, then immediately reduce to a simmer.
  • Cover and let sit for 6-12hrs

I”m a bit neurotic, so I let the first batch of bones sit for twelve and then I change out the bones and let the following batches of bones sit for 6hrs.  I also use filtered water that is free of fluoride.

Simmering extracts the nutrients, while boiling can destroy nutrient content and flavor.

The bones that sit for 6 hrs have cartilage and tendon I like to eat.  It gets all soft a jelly-like.  This is connective tissue that is loaded with Collagen Stimulating ingredients.

Oh yeah, those bottle and packages that say you can drink your collagen are foolish.  it is misinformation that turns me off from the product.

You CANNOT DRINK YOUR COLLAGEN.  Your body manufactures 16 different types of Collagen, depending on your body’s needs.  Collagen 1, 2 & 3 are the most prevalent in your body.  You cannot apply collagen to your skin either, the molecular structure is too large to pass through your skin and like I said, your body produces 16 different types of Collagen, depending on your body’s needs.

I feel an immediate healthy response to Bone Broth and I love it.

I would love to hear about your Bone Broth experiences too!!!

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