I was talking to mom today about the students at the school and how growing up, I had always thought of the school as my father’s side of the family.

My dad never had blood relatives in this country, but it didn’t matter he had all these “Brothers” he would talk about and I always felt the school was filled with a whole bunch of aunts and uncles for me.  I felt lucky because I had this big family I would to see all the time, they all looked different and came from different professional backgrounds, countries, they had beautiful accents, they were different colors, they were fun, most were very loving, the way you imagine Aunts and Uncles being and they were my first understanding of what family is actually about.  Family are the people who make themselves a part of your life.  They think about you, before you think about you.

Because I grew up exposed to this kind of environment at the school I never really thought much of my mother’s family.  They were never around for my childhood and even though we lived in the same city I never saw them unless it was a holiday or my mom threw a party, most likely for a birthday, but even then I don’t remember much of my mother’s family at all.  I never built a bond or felt particularly close to any of them, they never called or came around, but that was fine, because I always had an abundance of aunts and uncles at the school and here is where my confusion begins.

I’ve always had this weird relationship with students at the school.  No matter what, the school always is part of my family, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that we are really just a business and I have had to learn how to really understand, students are customers and nothing more sometimes.  They come to just learn what they want and they should be allowed to leave when their time is up.  Not everyone is your friend cause they walk into the school, even though I grew up with the comfort of the school being my family.

Fast Forward to today.  Mom and I are talking about my being raised in the school and how that has given me understandings and misunderstandings.

The classes start and I go in laughing at how Tom and Eric are talking about the mechanics of punches during the push hands class and I start laughing at Tom and dad walks over and I say “It’s like you are father and son, the two of you just can’t stop with your obsessions for punching”.  We are all laughing and dad says something that made me melt on the spot and has had me continually melting all evening…

“No, we are brothers”

Talking to mom about my relationships with people at the school growing up and then dad says this…

All his great ideas and genius teachings have nothing to do with him being the Great Man, Father, Husband, Teacher, it his warmth and his ever so humble heart that is just so honest and pure.

Let’s sleep on this and talk about the fight at Sun Sing movie theater tomorrow.

Good Night.

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