Dad started class the other day by talking about TCC as a Martial Art and asked the class why.  He picked out certain people and asked them, “Why? How? What do you think?”

So let’s take a second and actually think about why TCC is a Martial Art.  Aside from what we have been told, what we have read, why is TCC a Martial Art, to you?

Well, to me, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have had the fortunate experience of being groomed very carefully by my father from the start, who told me the day I announced I was going to do San Shou.

“Well, you’re gonna have to learn how to take a beating first”

Little did dad know, I had been well trained by Mother Chen who might even have a quicker hand than dad, especially when motivated by the children of Chen.

Back to class.

I love when students get put on the spot, it’s funny, they get so serious and formal and give Bruce Lee type answers about hard and soft, that we can’t help but regurgitate, because who hasn’t heard Bruce Lee’s Quotes when it comes to martial arts, his quotes almost seem to come with everyone’s martial arts training, regardless of the style you study.  The Martial Arts are just one big happy family.

Why is TCC a Martial Art you?

In the privacy of your own space and time, without being in a classroom with dad directing his questions at you and everyone looking at you for your answer, slightly relieved they aren’t in the spotlight and few on the side, eagerly awaiting their chance to speak.

From my experience, TCC being a Martial Art has absolutely nothing to do with actually stepping in the ring, that’s just the physical stuff. TCC is so much more than that. There are different levels of learning you achieve, not just from the classes, but from your own internal classroom, yourself, your development, your growth, your understanding, your confidence.

TCC constantly makes you better friends with yourself.  It creates an artful practice of learning, because it is rooted in feeling, your feeling.  Training response as opposed to reaction.  It’s a type of control, that is not about actual control, but the ability to make adjustments.  It’s about knowing, sensing and accepting.

The Art of Fighting is rooted in the ability to exist in a constant feeling state, regardless of what is going on around you.  It is the execution of skill that is always a response to your environment.  It is about movement.

Movement is your response to the “feeling” of your environment.  You can only feel when your mind is connected to the existence of your responsive state, which can only be heard in silence.

You can’t know how to respond if you have too much “noise” in your environment.

The only environment you have the ability to stay connected to is, you.

TCC is a Martial Art because of how it connects you, to you.  Everything in TCC stems from a feeling state and can only grow from your better understanding of yourself.

A punch isn’t just a punch in TCC.

The science of fighting and striking is about full body mechanics and the execution of skills, originating only from your own feeling.  What I mean is, that a punch isn’t about a fist making it to a target.

The actual execution of a punch originates from establishing a rooted foundation.  Without creating a stable “feeling” environment from within your own body, you will not have the proper “listening” skills for executing a proper punch.  Without the ability to stay within the “calm” of your own internal environment you cannot successfully execute the response necessary to control the dynamic of an actual fight.

It’s your own response which can only flow from the environment of the trained “calm” of your own internal environment that makes you a Martial Artist.

This is how I trained to be a fighter and the fights I won were always because of “calm” from my internal environment.

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