Everything is always constantly changing, shifting, adjusting, its just the natural way.  Even when something seems the same, it’s not.  We never live the same moment twice and even thinking you are experiencing something the same way is impart, due to your ability to adjust, you see it the same, because it is similar to a previous experience.  You automatically align the similarities while weighing the differences of the differences before you determine it is the same, Adaptation.

Control.  If you are reading this you have definitely been through enough of life experiences to understand that Control is nothing, but an illusion.

Experience teaches us that the only “control” we have is within our own selves and that even requires the ability to adjust and adapt.  Without the fluidity of adaptation you become out of control.  This is where the idea of control and the reality of control take on two different meanings.

Without the ability to adapt, you lose all ability to maintain “control”.  To “control” you must adjust and if you think you can control anything outside of you, you will be in for some very rude awakenings in your life, I hope you learn from them.

You can’t control a fight without adapting to the understanding of your opponents strengths and weaknesses, this requires listening.  You can’t control a fight if you are not aware of your strengths and weaknesses, this requires silence.  You can’t control anything without understanding and knowing yourself inside and out with confidence, this requires the most fundamental of all life rules, you must always practice respect.

Handling situations with confidence begins with you.  It has nothing to do with outside elements and how you might try your hand at manipulation and deception.  The only person you end up manipulating and deceiving, if you should resort to these tactics are yourself.  The truth always surfaces and masks always fall off.  Make-up fades and charades always lose their impact.  You will always do more harm than good when you reach too far outside yourself trying to manufacture a controlled, dominant front and trust me, everyone sees the truth, no matter how ridiculously you may flaunt yourself and attitude, in truth, you are just drawing more attention to your insecurities when you have resort to such small behavior.  The smaller you behave, the more manipulative you are, the more you keep drawing attention to yourself.

Energy never lies, so when you think you are getting away with being outrageously dishonest, you’re not.  By the time you get called out for your incongruent behavior, is about the time you have reached the end of all tolerance having been afforded you, and, for an extended amount of time already.

Tai Chi Chuan builds your relationship with you so that you can readily adapt to the needs of your environment.  You can adapt because you have an established practiced sense of your Organic, Honest Self and knowing who you are is what gives you the ability to readily adapt to the what can sometimes be the pain and strains of your environmental climate.

The way Organic Food strengthens the Healthy Balance of your Physical Body, TCC strengthens the Organic Balance of your Feeling Movement.  Organic Movement originates only from the confidence of feeling, feeling, because Organic Movement is about Your Response to the Feeling of your Environment.

Tai Chi Chuan is Organic Movement, the practice of this keeps you in touch with your strengths and helps you respect the gift of your mistakes.

Mistakes are where we grow from, getting it right can’t happen without embracing what you have done wrong.

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