I was working with a couple of students between classes.

One is also a new customer of my nutritional line CHEN-Skinhealth , we were discussing how he loves my new all-natural whitening toothpaste  and the Green Tea Butter and our love of all things Shea!!!  He was ordering my Lift Moisturizer and then we started talking about how CHEN was created as a necessary extension for my life lived and worked in all things health.  We can get Organic Produce with ease now, but I couldn’t find Skin Products that are also Organic Produce, my solution, completely aligned with what my dad’s way of thinking always has been, Make it Yourself.

60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds, for your heart to pump, as nutrition, to every single cell of your body.

Skincare still has a lot of catching up to do, but it is, us, the consumer who will influence the tides of change, depending on where we choose to get our products from, based on how we choose to love our body’s and the generous gift of health we are born with.  Everything you give to your body is nutrition and it should always be Organic.

How do you eat an Elephant?

I didn’t ask this question, my skinhealth client asked this question of a lady I was also speaking with, but about her approach to learning Tai Chi and how she knows she needs it, but is so freaked out by what she doesn’t understand, but she knows she needs it, because she embodies the philosophy on a thinking level, but lacks the physical presence to understand what she herself said her body is “crying” for.  I have to admit, she was just another kind of adorable.  I just wanted to grab her, hug her and squeeze her and tell “it’s all going to be ok”, which I did, but she needed more, she needed someone to talk to, she needed an empathetic ear, she needed a cross between a mother and teacher.

It was interesting to listen to her passionate plea for help in understanding what she knows she can’t understand in a day, but she needed a way having some sort of calculated measure.  Something about this concrete jungle we rush around in and the energy that seems to scream at us for constant output and goals.  The focus is always so much on the “prize” we forget that the actual value of the prize is only a reflection of the journey.  We spent about an hour talking and trying to figure out a way of getting her very structured needs to meet the environment necessary for spiritual awakening.  I don’t mean spiritual awakening in this far and away kind of hippie flowery talk.  My meaning of spirituality is where you awaken the part of yourself that is an inner trust, trust, the mechanism necessary for being able to listen to the internal environment of your own self, so that you can respond to what you are feeling and your desired adaptation of where you want to flow with those feelings.  Not dissimilar to adjusting the ebbs and flows of coupled relationships which involves the constant need for listening to what your partnership needs on an energy level, the respect of and support of each others feelings.  Then my Skinhealth client asks:

“How do you eat and Elephant?”

I just pause and look at him and he looks at her and then I look at her.  She is this adorably petite woman, sweet with these eyes that are the finishing touch of her porcelain doll-like exterior and she responds by saying:

“I swallow the whole thing, whole”, while using her hands to mimic the shoving of the elephant into her mouth in one gulp.

I couldn’t stop laughing and I wasn’t even concerned about what the right answer was, because her spontaneity and spunk in her answer was kind of infectious.  She just has a very adorable energy, as I’ve gotten older, I have begun to feel that basically every student of mine is adorable.  Even in my younger days everyone began referencing me as mom and if my mom wasn’t around, I was always the comfortable, next best thing, especially during competition time.  There’s just something about having the right snacks, extra dry t-shirts and being attentive to the needs of your students that makes you mom.  Everybody needs mom when they are trying to figure themselves out and there is something that is more rewarding about being “mom” to the “kids” who aren’t born to you, but choose to honor you that way.

The answer to eating an Elephant, you eat it bit by bit.

The same with life, you handle it day by day, otherwise you get so caught up in where your trying to get, you stall.

Don’t get stuck with obsessing with where you want to be, that you stall yourself, staying stuck where you’re at.

Take charge of your life, one bite at a time.

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