Just because you are eating things from Whole Foods does not make it automatically healthy and good for you.

I was talking to a student who had gained a bunch a weight and she was so disappointed because she had told me she only eats from Whole Foods.  Eating at Whole Foods, does not mean you can eat the whole store and not gain an ounce.  This is what she had been doing.  You most definitely cannot eat at the dessert bar everyday and that Mochi Bar they have now, NO, NO, NO.

In her mind and she is not the only one I’ve had this discussion with, Whole Foods is marketed as healthy, so you can eat everything in the store.  I don’t understand the thinking that would cause people to think this, but it happens and I have had more than one student come to me and say this.  Partly, I do believe that people want to try and find ways around eating healthy, so we use our intellect to sometimes arrive at some not so intelligent or logical ideas about nutrition, exercise and fitness.

I don’t care what you read on social media either, a 30 minute hot bath does not replace an hour in the gym.  Drinking Red Wine does not fill the need for a workout and doing the same 10 minute workout routine does not replace an hour spent actually working out in a gym.  Texting in the gym, while you are sitting on gym equipment, does not count as gym time either.  It just pisses the people working out in the gym around you, off.

Nutrition is very simple.  Buy foods that you need to prepare at home.  Buy organic. Eliminate all processed foods.

Eliminating processed foods restores your body’s organic chemistry which is the same for what you put on your body.  What you use on your skin, skincare, this stuff goes into your bloodstream, because your body thinks that everything you give to it, is nutrition and it should be.  You would be amazed at how the chemicals in skincare cause weight gain because of hormonal imbalances caused from toxic chemicals and fillers.  These chemicals also cause mood imbalances, cold type symptoms, allergies and even the same skin conditions they claim to help “treat”.  This is why I created Skinfoods.

Restoring your body’s organic chemistry is what allows your body to speak to you, when it comes to eating, your body speaks to you with cravings.  Your hunger will ask you for different foods in different ways, if you have a diet filled with chemicals from processed foods your nutritional cravings becomes addictive cravings.

When it comes to nutrition variety is the way to go.

The body thrives when it has to adapt to change.

Adaptation is the key to Strength and Power.

How you keep learning isn’t just about what you read or watch on the television.  It’s also about how you keep your body learning from the different kinds of nourishment you choose to introduce to your body daily.

Don’t fall a prey to the packaged food that advertises being made with healthy ingredients.

Healthy ingredients are foods that you can identify, without having to read the ingredients they are made from.

Organic Food should only be made in a way where you can recognize the actual food they are.

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