I am not perfect, but I am most definitely honest.

I am honest, but I am definitely not perfect.

My father always repeated to me, when I was growing up, “Forget what people say, watch what they do”.  This always instilled in me the practice of saying less and doing more.  I have been raised to speak with actions and this is the only way I know how to be.

People are amazing.  Amazingly good.  Amazingly not so good. Amazingly Amazing and then most are just simply Disappointing.

When you meet people who too enthusiastically become a part of your life, it is always a dynamic performance that ends in a parting of ways.

There’s something about the enthusiastic facade that people who create facades are incredibly good at and when you’re just open, honest and receptive you can’t help but fall prey to these kinds of scenarios.  The friendships and/or relationships seem to fill the need we all have for the wanting of a warmth and support that seems to have met us so head on.  As you get older, you do sense the fallacy of certain kinds of enthusiasm.  Over the top Enthusiasms are often times a mechanism, used by others to lull you into a false sense of friendships, for something that is actually tainted with a more selfish agenda.  I never trust over-the-top facades and they always yield the same disappointing results.

It’s as though these people use the distraction of projected enthusiasm to bring down the guard of others.  Once they think your guard is down, they maneuver until you either have to call them out on their game or you just can’t be bothered with anything so small and you just walk away.  These kinds of people will never admit anything you call them out on, why even waste your breath.  They always have a reason or an excuse, which is never a fault or shortcoming of their own.

The people who procede with caution are the ones who are not only showing you respect, they operate from a different core value rooted in self respect, than those who make a performance out of themselves.  The ones who listen are the ones who you can trust.  People who have a listening energy as opposed to those who use their energy to make you listen to what they want to “sell you” about themselves.  Two very different kinds of people, one operates from the heart, the other operates from a place of bottomless selfishness, greed.

Make time for those who approach you with listening energy, energy never lies and you will feel the purity of that connection without any hesitation or question.  It will strengthen you and empower you.  You will feel an incredible sense of independence, while also feeling the most powerful essence of pure connectedness.  Doubt disappears and is replaced with Belief.  Belief then nourishes Trust.  Trust nourishes Truth.

When you meet your Truth, you will have no doubts.


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