Today was one of those days that just started on an off kinda beat.

Sometimes this is good…  Sometimes it’s a bit of a pain…  Sometimes it’s a bit of both… Sometimes, it just is what it just is, whatever that is.

I was counting on today being one of those days where I didn’t have to run around and I could just focus on the skinbiz and then eventually make it over for my first iPic Theater experience where I was looking forward to snuggling in a pillow with a blanket and a full service culinary experience, I didn’t even care what the movie would be.  I had my girlfriends and we had our Premium Plus Theater seats.

Fortunately, I didn’t get my wish for not running around and it all started with meeting two of my dearest friends for an early dinner at one of my favorite Chinatown spots XO Cafe on Elizabeth.  They make their Dim Sum fresh to order and those steamed rice rolls are always prepared fresher than any other chinatown spot.  Try the rice rolls with the fried dough and the ones with the beef too.  Oh and also try the lamb chops, unbelievably simple and delicious.

Had a chance to catch up on movie trivia I knew nothing about, I can’t believe there’s another Star Wars movie out, didn’t one just come out a little while ago? Heard the movie I had been planning to go seeing this evening was horrible from my movie buff friends, but I reiterated, I had no desire to actually watch the movie, I was going for the food, blanket and pillow talk.  I even had a onesie I was planning to wear and I didn’t care that it didn’t look like outerwear, it is my kinda wear and that’s all that matters.

We chatted, we ate, we chatted some more.  It was also a mini bday celebration for one of my friends so I had to take them for a tasty dessert I had introduced her to a while back.  Ever since that first time, she had always asked me about them when we were in ctown and today was the perfect time.

We even made an additional stop for coffee and this was definitely a day where coffee would be my magic and the spell, just to keep functioning until I got to my Pillow and Blanket in my onesie at the South Street Seaport iPic Theater.

We chat about the business end of life.  Work Life.  Busy Life.  Life, Life and a friend of my friend who just became a Feminist Life Coach.

We laugh, we chat and then we part ways.

Friendly fulfilled and eagerly anticipating the iPic night in my onesie with my ladies I walk home trying to figure out what work I can organize for the week and what skinhealth packages I can start putting together for the holidays.  Any suggestions?

I make it home and immediately just want another cup of coffee.

You know those moments when you just don’t know what to do with your allotted amount of time?  It’s not enough time to do too much, but it’s enough time to do something, so you spend your time trying to figure out how to max out on your time, while your time moves away from you, so your intended plan now doesn’t have enough time, so you have to restructure and then you’re mentally burnt and spun around, so you stare into space and then your phone alerts you to a text.

Thankfully it was one of my girls texting that she got to our meeting point early, so I decide to just take a day to where I’m not obsessing over some kind of work and run right back out again to meet her, so excited to finally just make a decision, I forget to put on my onesie.

I finally get to the seaport and there is a group of people screaming and crazy, I’m not one for crowds and I don’t like exaggerated frenzied groups and then I look up and I see what everyone is going crazy for, it’s Taylor Swift.  Now this is where I was embarrassingly perplexed.  I understand teenagers and their excitement over these pop-stars.  It’s what kids do.  We were all teenagers once and even when we look back on those days, we still can’t make sense out of ourselves and we’re not supposed to.  This is what I DO NOT get, there were people who looked my age and older screaming with their phones out trying to get a picture of someone they have absolutely no personal relationship to, someone they can very easily see the image of everywhere around them.  I mean, I even know who Taylor Swift is and I’m basically 40, because her picture is everywhere.  I know she’s a singer, but can’t name a song.  Can anyone explain to me how or why anybody approaching 40, in their 40’s or even in their 30’s would care to take photos of someone they have absolutely zero personal connection too?

I meet my girls is this charming little corner bistro and we catch up on the week and talk about how dad left for Hawaii at just the right time.

Immediately our chatter turns to the theater experience we are about to have with Pillows, Blankets and everything we can’t wait to order from the menu, at our seats.  I briefly lament about how I forgot to change into my onesie, but I’m in sweats, as usual, so I’m about as comfortable as I would be in a onesie.

Finally, we walk over the iPic Theater and I proudly present my phone with the purchase  code, they are very formal and ask for your credit card and ID, so make sure you really do have those with you when make your iPic visit.  The staff is so sweet and adorable and my lovely young lady informs me:

“You made your purchase for our Fort Lee Location”

I don’t even know what to say.  I’m speechless and have this bizarre feeling of enthusiastic disappointment, you know that bizarre feeling of doing something so fantastically stupid?  You feel soooooooo dumb, but in a way where you are kind of excitedly enthused to share your stupidity with your girlfriends, because you love them and they love you and you know you will all have the greatest laugh because of your dumb, dumb moment.  The expressions they had when I tell them what happened was just priceless. They’re both mom’s, so I’m also kind of like one of their children, which also means, I know they would never get mad at me, besides, it’s always more fun to laugh than get mad and we aren’t unkind, just dumb sometimes and that’s usually just me.

We decide to just get a bite together and what is the best solution for anything? Carbs, in the form of pizza in this cozy little spot that felt like home, if you lived in Italy, complete with a birthday celebration and all.

As our night draws to a close we were talking about my girlfriends and the fact that their  children were only children and how one of their daughters really wanted a sibling and when my girlfriend told her daughter she couldn’t have another baby because she didn’t have anyone to have it with her little girl at the time says to her

“Why don’t you use Allison’s dad (her daughter’s best friend) to make the baby with, he’s so nice”

Children are just the most incredibly sweet problem solvers in the world.

What a fantastic way to spend this day.  Unexpected laughter. Endless hugs.  Love.

Goodnight, xoxo

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