We’ve been trained to think that we have to consume all of our food groups at three separate times of the day, designated “meal times”.  This is one of the worst rules on the planet, there are no rules that are absolute when it comes to the body, your body is a feeling machine and you have to treat you, according to how you feel.

What we do need daily are a combination of Fat, Calories, Carbs and Protein.  We need the necessary combination of these nutrients daily and if what your eating is advertising less calories, less fat, less carbs, what you’re eating is not food.  Food exists in its natural balance of nutrients that haven’t been altered by food processing.

The only processing your food should go through is what you do to your food in your kitchen.  This also builds and understanding between you and your food, a necessary relationship for your well rounded, balanced health.

You do not need to eat all your food groups on one plate and there is no such thing as foods that are only meant for breakfast and only meant for dinner.

Food is nourishment and everything from the weather to your daily activities will influence your daily nutritional needs. The key is to listen to your body.  Your body tells you what you need, but you need to live in-sync with your body’s organic system.

Eliminate process foods, forget eating if you are doing it with your intellect.  Food is feeling, nourish yourself according to how you feel.  Don’t be silly, I’m not saying that you should listen to addictive cravings at all, cause I know some of you will read this section and try to use it as a way of justifying your candy bar craving.

Listening to your body’s nutritional needs requires the elimination of chemicals, present in processed foods.

Begin your relationship with yourself by ending your addictive cravings, so you can listen to your body’s nutritional needs.

Life becomes some much more simple and balance is achieved when you finally learn to listen and adjust.

Your strength is your ability to adjust.  You can do anything, all you have to do is start listening by eliminating the noise of chemicals from processed junk.

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