IMG_5713When dad would tell us as little kids, “I remembers”, he always did it in this very soft, sweet way, where you absolutely understood the undertone of the life lesson you had just failed.  He has this timing where he senses the moment you felt you got away with something as he patiently waits to “stand-in” making sure you learned your lesson either way.

Either we learned our lesson by doing what we said and living by our word and we felt a greater sense of self, or, we would try to see what we could get away with and dad’s vision would become that much more acute, you could feel it and the more you tried to act like you didn’t know what was going on, the more he would just silently even give you chances to live by the standards my parents raise us by.  I remember as a kid, picking up on this early on and I never wanted to disappointment my father, especially when he was watching, so if I tried to get away with something and felt that I got caught I would immediately try and pretend that I didn’t forget and as long as I stood by my word dad would smile at me and say “I remembers”.  It was such a sweet way to teach me the right way.  No spankings, just the actual feeling of right and wrong and at the end of the day instinctively knowing what was right, not only because I was always taught to do what you say, but because I knew I did right and I knew I did wrong by the feeling that would engulf me.  It really just feels so good to really do the right things.  However, if dad’s subtle manner didn’t get the message across enough, mom made sure she kung fu’d our asses so we never forgot.  You know what I remember from being spanked, after the burn from my ass subsided, I felt so bad for hurting my parents to a degree where they had no choice but to use body language, understanding this helped me learn to become a better listener and further enforced my families no bullshit approach to life.

I wonder, how are people raised now days.  The feeling of not keeping a word and name dropping to create a facade of fabulosity which only accentuates your short comings and an accentuating of short comings and an overload of bullshit translates into you being a liar and all around shitty person.  If you betray someone’s trust, how do you even feel good about yourself?  You can’t even have much respect for yourself living driven by deceitful greed, where’s your dignity?  I will run myself ragged to keep my word down to the last minuscule detail, not just because of how I was raised, the thought alone of not keeping my word makes me fear feeling so rotten as a human.  The way people act without any conscience now days, where has all the integrity gone?

What’s crazier, people won’t apologize after they’ve put you through the immoral car wash of their gas-lighting, fueled by a narcissism so thick, their presence becomes stiflingly toxic, they don’t appreciate all the chances you gave them from day one of their very lowly behavior, because I am after-all, my father’s daughter and in my father’s words, always “I remembers”.  These kinds of people, when you give them a chance, they just keep taking advantage, again and again.  I guess that is why people NEED to be held accountable for their actions, at the time of their initial actions.  They don’t see chances as gifts, they see chances as everything they think they have been getting away with.  Makes me wonder, am I the stupid one for respectfully hoping they know better all of the time?

Greed, its such a destructive thing.  Nature doesn’t allow it and if you practice Greed in nature, it inevitably leads to your demise.  Next time you watch something about nature, pay attention.  Animals only eat to fulfill their need and then they move on.  Balance is whats necessary and Animals do not instinctively function from a place of greed, it’s purely a human affliction.

I still have to learn that just because I was raised by people with spotless integrity, it doesn’t mean that the true is same for others.

When somebody crosses you the first time, never give them a second chance.  If a person doesn’t care to make a good first impression, the second chance to them, doesn’t matter, in fact, they end unthinking their unrcontionable is actually their right. If a person is a shit the first time around, you didn’t matter to them initially and you won’t matter to them now.  The only reason why people like this stick around is to only keep trying their agenda.  It’s so sickening.

Living should’t have to be about the reminder Karma.  We should all live in such a beautiful truth that we live free from the realm of Karma.

Spotless Integrity is something you can only achieve within yourself and never be afraid to maintain your integrity by cutting the ones out who live a spotted existence of perpetual dishonesty.

And for those of you reading this who nastily try your hand at repetitive deception.  The people you are deceiving, they know.  Just cause they don’t tell you, or seem to know, doesn’t mean they don’t, they’re just kindly hoping you catch some glimmer of the light you should choose to start living in.

I hope you wake up and choose to change your ways.  Don’t you want to like yourself for you?

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